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Great British Shooting Awards 2021: Public voting open NOW

The category shortlists have been decided for the third annual Great British Shooting Awards, and we can reveal them below. To cast your vote, just click on the link below: The voting closes on March 7th, and winners will be revealed

Hawke Sidewinder FFP 4-16×50 review w/ Mike Morton

Mike Morton prepares to get knocked sideways by the FFP 4-16×50 – one of several innovative scopes in Hawke’s new Sidewinder range. Hawke recently refreshed its line-up of Sidewinder scopes, offering a series of brand new models. Any of these

Best thermal scopes on the market

Best thermals? No, we’re not talking woolly undies, just scopes, and Rich Saunders takes a look at some of the top choices With winter upon us and the nights drawing in, hunting for most means going out after dark. In

Gear of the Year: The best buys of 2020

Airgun shooters of all disciplines demand the same thing – guns and gear that perform really well, while representing great value for money. Here are a few of our top choices, suiting a wide range of budgets, that will help

Airgun Shooter 140 on sale NOW

The latest edition of Airgun Shooter Magazine is now available! To find out how to subscribe, just follow this link: Mat Manning gives his verdict on the Lee Enfield Sentry, a PCP that bridges the gap between sporter and

Scopes for benchrest target shooting

Andy McLachlan’s in favour of scopes offering only modest levels of magnification for most of his shooting – but not benchrest! Andy picked up this fixed 45x Leupold from his son James, after James bought a high-end March scope for

MTC King Cobra review

Despite the current trend for diminutive optics, Mat Manning reckons that big can still be beautiful after putting the MTC King Cobra through its paces. Although super-compact scopes are very much in fashion at present, there are times when bigger

Outdoor shooting: Andy McLachlan explains the attraction

Whether you’re a hunter, an HFT or an FT, the attraction of outdoor shooting can prove irresistible, as Andy McLachlan explains. Unlike HFT, FT shooters can use their side parallax control to rangefind a target Regular readers may remember my

Mat Manning tests the MTC SWAT Prismatic scope

Mat Manning tries out the MTC SWAT Prismatic airgun scope and has to reconsider his views on super-compact sights. Scopes with extremely short eye relief are very much the Marmite of the airgun optics world – people seem to either

Airgun Shooter presents: Gear of the Year (pt3 of 7)

In our third part, we’re continuing our mammoth recommendation of products to cap off 2019 – this is Gear of the Year! So whenever you’re considering a new gun, optic or shooting accessory, you need to know that it works

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