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Remington Express gun test

Mat Manning takes the Remington Express out on the range – and discovers that you don’t have to push your budget off the rails to land a decent entry-level airgun

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In the crosshairs: David Sprigg

In the crosshairs this month is airgun enthusiast David, who co-founded Stagecoach in 1988 and revolutionised the teaching of performing arts to youngsters, and he’s now doing the same with the Target Shooting School. Did you shoot before starting the

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First impressions: SIG Sauer’s P365

For SIG Sauer, small is beautiful – their new P365 may be a micro-compact pistol, but it still manages to offer a high-capacity mag with 12 rounds of BB-blasting fun. The P365 may be small in stature, but it has

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Junior? Hi!

Ray Garner explains how a patent led to plinking perfection for Webley & Scott with the Junior model air pistol Johnstone and Fearn are names that are not exactly in the news these days. Swallowed whole by history, but in

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First Impressions: SIG Sauer P365

This compact polymer-frame blowback may be tiny, but it still manages to pack in a 12-round drop-down magazine Want a tiny CO2 pistol that you can cover up with one hand? Do you want blowback too? If so, the SIG

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Gun collecting with Jonathan Young

So you want to be a collector? You’re suddenly overcome by an urge to buy more airguns. There’s nothing wrong with that, argues Jonathan Young as he leads you down the rabbit hole of gun collecting. Waking up on any given

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FAQ: What do the terms ‘made ready’, ‘made safe’, ‘cocked’ and ‘loaded’ mean?

Mike Morton explains the meaning of the terms “made ready”, “made safe”, “cocked” and “loaded”.

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Airgun Essential: Pellet Scales

When all the factors must be weighed up… why you need to get yourself a set of scales designed specifically for your pellets

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Classic Gun Spotlight: Air Arms Camargue

Shooting the breeze… Named after a prevailing wind, the Air Arms Camargue has entered folklore as a true airgun great, says Simon Everett

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Gun Test: Hatsan Galatian IV

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…. Mike Morton has some interplanetary fun with the fibre-optic-fitted Hatsan Galatian IV

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