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Benefits of simulation training to airgun hunters

Philip Siddell explains how to use simulation training to improve the chances of the airgun hunter’s success in the field. The improvised shooting positions you practise during training are sure to come in useful in the field The last time

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Zeroing a scope: The ultimate how-to

Zeroing a rifle is a vital step on the road to accurate shooting – but, as Mike Morton explains, so is knowing where to aim at a host of different distances…

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Best Airgun Shooter fan letters

These are the best fan letters we received in last month’s Airgun Shooter Magazine! And don’t forget – the best letter wins a pair of Sportsmatch mounts! Letter of the month CAMO FOR THE FIELD, NOT THE ROAD As we

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How to shoot from a bench bag

Shooters need to see exactly what their gun is doing if they’re to achieve supreme accuracy. Shooting from a stable platform is key, with bench bags often the answer, suggests Mark Camoccio

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How to successfully prep for a day of shooting

Jonathan Young offers his check list of essentials and prepping tips, tricks and techniques to set you up for a successful day of shooting and help make your day out more productive and enjoyable. 1. Check your pellets Examine your

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Airgunners Top Hunting Poll!

UK distribution giant, Edgar Brothers, recently polled its Twitter followers asking which type of gun they used for pest control. The answer from hunters handed a resounding win to… the air rifle!

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