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Airgun pellet catcher – what is the ideal choice?

If you’re looking for an airgun pellet catcher with minimal noise and risk of ricochet, then Roddy McCafferty has the perfect solution. Roddy already owned a BSA target holder, some scrap wood and a couple of wood screws, so the

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Airgun answers

Our experts have your questions in their sights, so make sure to read to the bottom to find out how to send them in! Struggling with a scope? Having hassles with your hunting? Well, don’t despair because you’ve arrived at

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How to successfully prep for a day of shooting

Jonathan Young offers his check list of essentials and prepping tips, tricks and techniques to set you up for a successful day of shooting and help make your day out more productive and enjoyable. 1. Check your pellets Examine your

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H&N Sport Acquires British Pellet Brand Prometheus

English pellet manufacturer Pax Guns has built up a huge reputation and amassed many awards for its long line of high-tech airgun pellets, which include both non-lead and lead designs. No surprise, then, that an ammo maker of equally renowned status should want to acquire it…

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Breathing new life into old(er) .22 barrels

The Defiant Vintage is a 14.5-grain .22 that measures up at the ‘English’ standard of 5.6mm rather than the more common ‘Continental’ 5.5mm – and that 0.1mm can make all the difference if you’re shooting an older, British-built airgun with an ‘oversize’ .22 barrel…

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