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SPONSORED: Walther Reign

This compressed air rifle is a real eye-catcher. The short bull-pup construction alone makes it stand out from the crowd. But when you hold the Walther Reign in your hands, its real uniqueness reveals itself: First of all, the light

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Springer vs PCP – which is better to start out with?

It’s the age-old question – should a beginner start out with a spring-powered rifle or a pre-charged pneumatic? Mike Morton goes lookingfor an argument. I’ve never actually seen anyone come to blows over it, but I’ve certainly witnessed some very

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The Hill Air Pump MK4 review

Mike Morton gets to grips with The Hill Air Pump MK4 – a go-anywhere device that lets you fill your PCP without the need for a heavy charging cylinder. Few shooters would argue that when it comes to filling a

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