Dependable airguns w/ Pete Brookes

What do the infantryman, armed response officer and airgun shooter have in common? A dependable gun that works well, argues Pete Brookes. Credit: David Jinks Despite having worked around firearms for most of my working life, I must come clean.

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Speak Up For Your Sport

Airgun shooters have been given the chance to speak up for their sport by taking part in a Home Office consultation on firearms safety. Interested parties – and that means us – are being asked to give their opinions on

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Choosing the right airgun optics

Shooters have never had so much choice when it comes to optics, and Andy McLachlan explains how to pick what will work best for you. This Leupold has a small objective lens and is perfect for shooting HFT where optical

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Wildlife management with FAC air rifles

Ex-firearms and rural crime officer Pete Brookes now prefers an armed response of a different kind – wildlife management with his FAC air rifle. Photo credit: David Jinks  I was driving to work to start an afternoon shift whilst listening

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H&N Field Target Trophy Green pellet test

Mike Morton becomes environmentally aware and decides to test Field Target Trophy Green, a lead-free alternative from H&N For centuries, lead has been used to manufacture ammunition fired by both powder-burning firearms and airguns. Lead is relatively inexpensive, fairly easy

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CORONAVIRUS: BASC asks Home Office to support firearms licensing during pandemic

Tens of thousands of firearm certificate holders could be at risk of breaking the law as the coronavirus outbreak restricts police resources, according to BASC. Some firearms certificates are due to expire in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic. The

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Passing the baton

John Hooper recounts how shooting has helped form a solid bond spanning four generations of his family A few years ago, I lost my father to cancer. He had spent his life serving others, first as a police officer and

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Clean your rifle – by the book

A new book by Bill Harriman deals with all aspects of the cleaning and maintenance of the most commonly encountered types of sporting firearms, including airguns. Cleaning And Maintaining Modern And Antique Firearms: A Concise Guide gives practical advice distilled

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Pietro’s pellet-pusher

Mike Morton picks up the Umarex Beretta 92 FS and finds a solid handgun that was built to last – while having a blast Firearms manufactured by Fabbrica d’Armi Pietro Beretta are used all around the world by civilian, law

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Airgun Insider: Change for change’s sake?

Will the Offensive Weapons Bill actually reduce crime? The latest readings of the Offensive Weapons Bill have been taking place in the House of Lords. Given the amount of hours it has been discussed by both houses and hopefully investigated

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