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Lee Enfield (Guns) M1911 A1 handgun review w/ Mike Morton

The Brothers in Arms series of replica combat weapons from Lee Enfield (Guns) gets its first handgun in the shape of the blowback M1911 A1 The water-cooled M1917 machine gun in .30 calibre. The air-cooled M1919. The Browning M2 .50

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Lee-Enfield M4A1 Carbine review with Mike Morton

Mike Morton goes into action with the CO2-powered, BB-blasting, US military-themed M4A1 Carbine from Lee-Enfield Guns. While some CO2 guns are totally original designs, others are inspired by powder-burning firearms, with the Brothers In Arms series of historical replicas from

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Airgun shooting tips – learning from the past

Soldiers carrying the Lee-Enfield had a thorough Small Arms Training regime, and Mike Morton finds out if modern airgun shooters can pick up any tips. History, as I was told at school, isn’t just a record of what once happened.

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Airgun Shooter 150 on sale NOW

Mat Manning tests out the latest FX Impact and goes out on a summer evening in search of rabbits while Mike Morton opens the history books and tests out a brand new PCP in the 150th edition of Airgun Shooter

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Jonathon Young on small pistols

When it comes to pistols, Jonathan Young is a firm believer in the concept of small is beautiful – especially when it happens to go bang Handling an air pistol accurately can be tougher than shooting an air rifle. Some

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Lee Enfield Sentry review

Mat Manning gives his verdict on the Lee Enfield Sentry, an affordable PCP that bridges the gap between sporter and tactical styling. The Shooting Party is the gap between sporter and tactical. Well known for selling some great affordable kit,

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The Airgun Show – fruit farm rabbit and pigeon hunt, PLUS the Lee Enfield Sentry…

In the latest episode of The Airgun Show, we’re in the field with Richard Saunders this week, carrying out vital pest control on a fruit farm. Richard adopts a roving approach with his Daystate and MTC combo and manages to

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