Feinwerkbau 800x FT test w/ Thomas Bristow

Thomas Bristow manages to get through lockdown by borrowing a friend’s Feinwerkbau 800x FT – and very much likes what he sees. Adjustability is key for the Feinwerkbau 800x FT, with the trigger and hamster just two of the features

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How to stay fit to carry on shooting

Amid the multiple lockdowns and other restrictions, Ethan Lowry has some advice about how we can all stay fit so we can carry on shooting. What a year it was. And this one didn’t get off to a great start

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Shooting and well-being with Andy McLachlan

Andy McLachlan reckons he has the perfect pick-me-up following the restrictions of Covid – and that’s to get outside and go shooting. Andy’s spent a lot of beautiful evenings stalking rabbits over the years, where he was able to unwind

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Long-range target shooting with Andy McLachlan

Andy McLachlan recounts how one indoor club accepted the challenge of Covid to arise even better than it was before. This is the view from one of the shooting booths at the newly laid out Leigh range – the far

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Squirrel hunting in lockdown

Rich Saunders gets to grips with some pesky squirrels who’ve been allowed to do their own thing for far too long during the first lockdown We may have been enduring the frustration of lockdown, but squirrels on one of my

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Airgunning from home: How to make the best of lockdown

With ranges closed and travel restricted, Airgun Shooter’s editor, Mat Manning suggests ways for airgun shooters to pass the time and raise their game during lockdown. From testing new pellets to tidying your kitbag, there is plenty to keep an

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Tips for garden airgun shooting

If you have access to a garden you can practice and have fun. Most gardens are unsuitable for taking elevated shots unless you have particularly high brick walls or a massive fallout zone behind the target. If you have access

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Field Target Shooters Back In Action

Good weather, good courses and good company made East Devon Field Target Club’s memorial shoot a huge success. Chris Jones took an incredible 53-yard standing shot to secure the overall win and some well-deserved silverware Members of East Devon Field

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The new Just Air Guns Shop is reopening tomorrow Saturday 5th September 2020!

During the lockdown, Just Air Guns Shop took the time to refit their London store. This has taken longer than expected however they are almost at the time they will be reopening their doors. Just Air Guns Shop will still

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The Walther LG400 with Andy McLachlan

Andy McLachlan can’t resist the lure of a lovely rifle and gives in to temptation yet again, this time for a Walther LG400. Andy’s latest purchase is this beautiful Walther LG400 – this is the Field Target model, which has

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