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The latest edition of Airgun Shooter Magazine is now available to purchase as a single copy or as part of your subscription. While giving our rifles a thorough inspection is something we should all be doing at least once a

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The Airgun Show – shoot squirrels from a feeding station, PLUS improve accuracy by mastering aim-off

With lockdown restrictions beginning to ease more and more hunters are heading out to crack on with grey squirrel control. With that in mind, Mat kicks off this episode with a masterclass on how to make your own feeding station

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Tips for garden airgun shooting during lockdown

Staying at home doesn’t mean an end to your shooting as long as you have access to a garden – Mike Morton explains how to stay safe and have fun. Most gardens are unsuitable for taking elevated shots unless you

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BASC ask for Covid-19 consistency from police

BASC is urging the police to be consistent in the covid-19 advice given to the shooting community amid reports that some forces have blocked essential fox control during the lambing season, as well as other pest control. The UK’s largest

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The Airgun Show – sniper-cam squirrel hunt, PLUS how to improve your shooting during the lockdown

The Covid-19 restrictions are making it almost impossible for shooters hit the fields and woods with their airguns but we can help you get your hunting fix with a new film of Mat Manning targeting grey squirrels before the lockdown.

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Airgunning from home: How to make the best of lockdown

With ranges closed and travel restricted, Airgun Shooter’s editor, Mat Manning suggests ways for airgun shooters to pass the time and raise their game during lockdown. From testing new pellets to tidying your kitbag, there is plenty to keep an

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SPONSORED: One-stop Air Rifle shop at R&B Sporting!

During these strange times of lockdown and restriction you may be able to spend more time sharpening your target shooting skills or making sure your weapon is in top condition. The leading Herefordshire game and sporting shooting shop, R&B Sporting,

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