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RRP £369.99 including red dot sight
Plinking addictive fun

The SIG Sauer MPX could well be the ultimate rifle when you want to have a plinking good time. You’ll either love or loathe the military looks, but come on, it’s a replica of the full-on SIG Sauer submachine gun, so what do you expect?

Like its powder-burning big brother, the MPX is compact. In fact, it’s almost two inches longer, but then again, it has to house an 88g CO2 canister in the stock, or an adapter that allows 12g bulbs to be used instead.

A Picatinny rail runs the full length of the action and barrel, where there’s a flip-up adjustable rear sight and a fixed flip-up foresight. However, you’ll probably find yourself wanting to use the supplied SIG Sauer red dot sight instead.

The 30-pellet – yes, you read that right – magazine is belt-fed. To load, you will need to open a flap on the side of the curved magazine and remove the belt. Simply poke pellets into the holes and seat them using the supplied tool. Then feed the belt back into the magazine and slip it into the rifle. Don’t be tempted to slap it home like Bruce Willis, as it’s only made of plastic.

Although loading the belt takes a minute or two, you’ll be rewarded with a shooting experience that sends pellets downrange as quickly as you can pull the trigger once you’ve pulled back the cocking handle at the rear of the action.

The safety catch is nice and positive, operating from both sides, and although the trigger is a little agricultural, it doesn’t stop the grin that this gun puts on your face, as you won’t be able to stop yourself from pulling it as fast as you can.

At only 2.8 ft-lb, the SIG Sauer MPX has no pretention beyond sending tins cans flying, and if you want to shoot some paper, you’ll get passable groups at 10-12 metres.

The barrel pokes out an inch or so beyond the vented shrouding, which does nothing to contain the crack, so if you use this gun in the garden, you’ll either need understanding neighbours or deaf ones.

The shrouding also has short Picatinny rails on both sides, so you can pimp your SIG with some accessories, such as a lamp or a laser.

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