Going on duty

Denmark’s Action Sport Games – or ASG – have been uber-busy with the release of a duo of exciting new CO2-powered airgun models under licence to famous firearms brands. 

ASG-CZ-P-09-DutyIn gun shops courtesy of Highland Outdoors, first up is their CZ P-09 Duty – a fistful of fun that features a realistic blowback top slide, a 16-shot magazine, three-dot sights and a tactical accessory rail. It can also be fed a dual diet of either 4.5mm steel BBs or .177 pellets. Price is £139.99.

Dan-Wesson-revolverAnd what about this new Dan Wesson revolver  – ‘new’ because its bullet-shaped shells (which are effectively transfer ports for the CO2 to flow through) have now been redesigned to take .177 calibre waisted pellets! Available in black and chrome finishes (price £164.99), the eight-inch Dan Wesson pellet revolver ships complete with six shells, a tactical accessory rail and a speedloader. 

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2 comments on “Going on duty
  1. John Parker says:

    I have recently brought a dan Wesson revolver ( pellet 177) and having great diffulty to buy more shells for it
    I didn’t no weather you would be able to help us out
    Regards john

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