FX Four-Stage Turbo Pump Review

FX-Four-Stage-Turbo-PumpThe FX Four-Stage Turbo Pump is loaded with the same features as the three-stage model; the footplate, hose, gauge and grips are the same, and there’s also a dust filter and moisture trap. It also comes with a five-year warranty and is equally well engineered. The four-stage version is bigger than the basic model yet, surprisingly, has a shorter pumping stroke.

What’s most impressive about this pump is the ability to shift between Low Volume Mode (200cc) and High Volume Mode (300cc). Low volume is set by closing the valve screw on the top of the pump handle. The reduced resistance makes for really easy pumping – and though it takes longer to get to your desired pressure, it’s a great option for weaklings! Open the valve and you’re pumping at high volume. It takes a bit more strain, but it’ll get you up to full charge much more quickly.

The FX Four-Stage Turbo is not a cheap pump, but it’s incredibly well built and the ability to vary required effort by shifting between low and high volume is a real boon. A top performer.

SRP: £170

Available from www.fxairguns.com

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One comment on “FX Four-Stage Turbo Pump Review
  1. Hello ,

    I intend purchasing an FX Turbo 9004 , 4 stage in the near future in order to fill my Weihrauch HW 100 and my newly purchased FX Wildcat both .22 calibre .

    I presume the price quoted of £ 170 includes p & p

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