FX Three-Stage Pump

FX-Three-Stage-pumpThe Swedish-designed and made FX Three-Stage Pump is comparatively small and light, yet is has a deceptively long stroke. Overall build quality is solidly engineered with no discernable play between components and the unit includes a dust filter and comes with an external moisture trap that fits between the pump and hose. Its rubber grips are softer than those on the other test models, so very comfortable in the hand. Its pressure gauge features a black dial on a white face – very legible – and the 450mm hose is very flexible. However, it’s also quite thin, so care must be taken to avoid kinking it. At just 185mm wide, the FX footplate is comparatively narrow, but it still provided adequate footing to pin the pump to the ground in our test.

This no-frills FX is a quality product, and a great little performer which comes with a five-year warranty. Power delivery is smooth throughout the pumping cycle and there was only a slight increase in effort as the pressure level built up towards the 190BAR finishing line.

SRP: £150

Available from www.fxairguns.com

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