#TASFromTheArchives: hunting for rabbits, pigeons and squirrels, PLUS the BSA R-10 Mk2 on test

In this week’s edition of The Airgun Show: From the Archives, Mat Manning is on farmland and in the woods taking care of some pests…

Mat is hunting on farmland and in the woods as he tries to make a mixed bag during a short evening session.

With rabbits, pigeons and grey squirrels in his sights, Mat keeps mobile to make optimum use of his time before night closes in. This week’s review gun is the BSA R-10 Mk2 Super Carbine VC. Cradled in BSA’s new Black Pepper laminate stock, this flagship PCP is a real looker, but it’s also a fantastic shooting machine – see what it can do at 50 metres…in the wind.

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