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Welcome to Airgun Shooter Magazine!

If you love all things airguns and airgunning related topics, then you are in exactly the right place.

Airgun Shooter is an award-winning monthly magazine for airgun enthusiasts. Each issue is lovingly crafted with one thing in mind: to help you improve your shooting, whether it be target, hunting or garden plinking.

Exciting features by the industry’s leading experts will help to raise your game to new levels. Our no-nonsense reviews help you buy new gear with confidence, so you can be sure that whether it’s reading up on the latest feature, catching up with the news or seeking advice on which airgun to invest in next, Airgun Shooter will have what you need!

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Airgun Shooter Magazine is a member of the Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO) which regulates the UK’s magazine and newspaper industry. We are always committed to maintaining the highest possible standards of journalism and will abide by the Editor’s Code of Practice.

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Content Funding on Airgun Shooter Magazine
At Future Publishing Limited we rely on advertising to keep bringing you the content you love to read. The majority of the content on Airgun Shooter Magazine is created solely by our editorial team, but on occasion we also work with external partners to create content we hope our readers will find interesting and useful. 

In some cases the partner provides content for us, but in others they support us in producing content but we maintain editorial independence. This additional content is labelled so you can see who has funded it and how it was created, and we have created this page to make it clear to you exactly what those labels mean about how the content you’re reading was funded. 

Supported Editorial
Articles that are labelled as being written ‘in association’ with are independent editorial articles, created by writers employed by Airgun Shooter Magazine that have been funded through the support of a commercial partner. When planning supported content, a senior editor will agree the topic and the headline of the article with the funding partner but is not obliged to take further direction from the partner. The article is written by an Airgun Shooter Magazine journalist, or one under the direction of a Airgun Shooter Magazine senior editor, and posted to Airgun Shooter Magazine. It is not sent to the funding partner for approval. This content abides by the Editors’ Code of Practice from the Independent Press Standards Organisation.

Advertisement Feature
Articles that are labelled ‘Advertisement Feature’ are paid for and controlled by a commercial partner. They may be produced by the client or by staff employed byAirgun Shooter Magazine. This is commercial content and so is subject to the Advertising Standards Authority and Federal Trade Commission regulations.

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