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It’s time for the slug fest

Roger Lait continues his quest to find some airgun slugs that can shoot – and remain accurate – out to 100 yards and more. So here is part two of my Quest for Slugs. Sounds like a film, but not

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The unsupported kneeler

Andy McLachlan offers some advice to target shooters struggling with one awkward position encountered in a contest Dave Ramshead adopts the unsupported kneeling position, resting his leading arm on the top of his thigh We recently looked at the trickiest

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Thinking outside of the box

Andy McLachlan spells out the benefits of target gun modifications – but reckons many of these jobs are best left to the experts If you take a cursory look at any competition air rifle course of fire, either indoors or

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It’s tough at Turton

Andy McLachlan walks us through Rounds 3 and 4 of the UKAHFT series, with the wind proving to be as much of a challenge as the course Popular HFT shot mick Fearn lines up his Anschutz on a target at

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Passing the baton

John Hooper recounts how shooting has helped form a solid bond spanning four generations of his family A few years ago, I lost my father to cancer. He had spent his life serving others, first as a police officer and

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In position w/ Andy McLachlan

If you consider positional shots to be an imposition, Andy McLachlan offers a few pointers to help turn things around Sally has her head correctly positioned because the open sights reduce the need for her to lift her head to

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Serious benchrest choices

Some shooters prefer a bipod , but these ones are super heavy-duty Andy McLachlan gets serious about taking a rest, as his drive to become a master of the bench shifts up a gear Having finally started my ‘serious’ benchrest

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First blood w/ Andy McLachlan

Jason Lockett with his .22 Anschutz – note the sensible trolley he uses for carrying all his gear A few new names are appearing at the top of the UKAHFT leaderboard this season, and that’s healthy for the sport, asserts

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Double trouble or double fun?

Are you thinking of going FAC? Roger Lait explains what it’s like to live with a rifle with a muzzle energy of 50 foot pounds So how much is too much power for an airgun? Do you need 50 foot

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Andy McLachlan takes shooting to the Extreme!

Top FT shooter Neil Hague practises his standing shots, prior to the start of the competition Andy McLachlan and his son James take their shorting to the ‘Extreme’ as they tackle an ultra-hard course at Emley Moor. It was one

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