At your service

Mike Morton goes on a servicing and repair course to find out how the engineers who work on your PCPs get trained Any airgun shooters of a practical nature will be able to tear apart a springer themselves, but the

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Serious benchrest choices

Some shooters prefer a bipod , but these ones are super heavy-duty Andy McLachlan gets serious about taking a rest, as his drive to become a master of the bench shifts up a gear Having finally started my ‘serious’ benchrest

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First blood w/ Andy McLachlan

Jason Lockett with his .22 Anschutz – note the sensible trolley he uses for carrying all his gear A few new names are appearing at the top of the UKAHFT leaderboard this season, and that’s healthy for the sport, asserts

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Double trouble or double fun?

Are you thinking of going FAC? Roger Lait explains what it’s like to live with a rifle with a muzzle energy of 50 foot pounds So how much is too much power for an airgun? Do you need 50 foot

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Rekindle the spark

If you have a rifle that’s sitting all alone at the back of your gun cabinet, then Mike Morton reckons it’s high time you learned to love again Getting a new airgun can be a bit like starting a new

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First impressions: Javelin Lite

Spartan is releasing a Lite version of its Javelin bipod that’s been specially designed with airgun shooters in mind. The Javelin contains a magnet that clicks the bipod firmly into place with the adaptor on your rifle – it takes

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The Countryman w/ Mat Manning: Daytime ratting

In association with BASC Join BASC today at www.basc.org.uk or call 01244 573030 Rat numbers have boomed on the farm and the cocky rodents are even venturing out in daylight. Mat Manning sets up an ambush to keep them in

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Richard Saunders on bipods

Lie down and relax as Richard Saunders takes advantage of the warmer weather to get down and super-stable with the help of a few bipods It’s that time of year again. No more shivering away in the corner of a

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Andy McLachlan takes shooting to the Extreme!

Top FT shooter Neil Hague practises his standing shots, prior to the start of the competition Andy McLachlan and his son James take their shorting to the ‘Extreme’ as they tackle an ultra-hard course at Emley Moor. It was one

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Gun test: Webley Mark VI Service Revolver

Mike Morton tests the pellet-firing Webley Mark VI Service Revolver Exhibition Finish – it’s more bling than battlefield, but still shoots straight! One of the finest handguns ever carried by British and Commonwealth forces was the Webley Service Revolver, which

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