Airgun Shooter Magazine 153 is OUT NOW

The newest issue of Airgun Shooter Magazine is out now. To subscribe and get 3 issues for just £3, just visit: Mat Manning has been cracking down on pigeons and corvids that were targeting leftover grain on a stubble

Airgun Shooter Magazine 152 is ON SALE NOW

The latest issue of Airgun Shooter Magazine is now available. To subscribe to Airgun Shooter Magazine, just visit: Walther’s LG400 Field Target is a single-shot PCP that’s intended for FT or HFT use, but as Mike Morton discovers, there’s

The Airgun Show – hide shooting with the Delta Wolf, PLUS the AFO Air Rover portable compressor…

Corvids are among the airgun shooter’s most challenging adversaries but that hasn’t discouraged Rich Saunders. Faced with an influx of crows, rooks and jackdaws on one of his permissions, Rich sets up a hide and uses the Daystate Delta Wolf


FX Maverick review w/ Mat Manning

The new Maverick from FX Airguns combines proven features with an innovative dual regulator system – Mat Manning gives his verdict on this exceptional PCP. Swedish gunmaker FX Airguns is known for making some of the finest PCPs in the

JSB Hades review with Mike Morton

The JSB Hades promises plenty of knockdown power, and Mike Morton tests the .177 variety to see whether this pellet’s a knockout. We really are spoilt for choice when it comes to airgun ammo, with that great do-it-all pellet, the

Winchester 4.5 Special review with Mike Morton

Mike Morton picks up the Winchester 4.5 Special – a pellet-firing revolver with a rifled barrel – to find out if it really is all that special. Mike Morton tests out the Winchester 4.5 Special Like many of you, I


How to tune your air rifle – Johnathan Young explains the process

Tuning may have taken off in the 1970s, but is still relevant today and now includes CO2 and PCPs as well as springers, as Jonathan Young explains. A spring and a tub of grease – now that’s tuning the old-fashioned

The reasons behind pest control

Pete Brookes goes all 007 on us and explains the rationale for taking a life, only this time it’s with an air rifle rather than a Walther PPK. Credit: David Jinks They say people can judge one’s age by your

How to make a vintage airgun box replica

It’s easier to find a vintage air pistol than it is to find the box, and Phil Hooper explains how to make a convincing replica so the gun will look more at home. I’ve already explained the process of restoring

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