Everything in moderation

Webley is introducing the QGS – a new range of metal moderators that can be used with airguns and rimfires. The QGS 4 is designed for most CO2, spring and PCP air pistols. It’s threaded 1/2” UNF, but also comes

Compact clip-on: the Streamlight torch for all seasons

If you’re looking for a hands-free torch to take on your next night shooting excursion, then the Streamlight ClipMate USB could be the answer. As its name implies, this tiny torch can be clipped to a pocket, hat or even

SPONSORED: Mike Morton tests the RWS Super Field

It’s that time of year again; the autumn leaves are beginning to fall and with crops off the fields and in the barns, farmyward pest control is now essential. So now, Mike Morton is reviewing the RWS Super Field pellet


FAC-rated rifles tested!

Richard Saunders tests five top FAC-rated rifles I’m willing to bet that just about every airgun shooter, certainly among those of us who hunt, has wondered what their legal-limit rifle would be like in FAC format. It’s only natural isn’t

The one-shot stop

Mike Morton takes up clay shooting – with no shotgun in sight – as he examines the damage done by different types of airgun pellet One thing all airgun hunters agree on is the need to kill a quarry animal

Looking after the garden

Richard Saunders heads outdoors to put four lower-powered rifles under the spotlight that he thinks are perfect for the garden range I’m willing to bet that for most of us our passion for airguns began in the garden, sending tin


It’s tough at Turton

Andy McLachlan walks us through Rounds 3 and 4 of the UKAHFT series, with the wind proving to be as much of a challenge as the course Popular HFT shot mick Fearn lines up his Anschutz on a target at

Pigeon control in this month’s Countryman

In an effort to stop pigeons from decimating corn crops, Mat Manning sets up with hide and decoy tactics to pull in the birds Arable farming is a big industry in my locality, and farmers’ profits can take a serious

Call of the wild w/ Kev Hawker

Kev Hawker reaches for his caller to keep the pigeons coming during an early morning mooch in the woods Many of my woodland forays are start-stop affairs – a mixture of roving and sit-and-wait tactics. That’s certainly the case at

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