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Mat Manning hunts over both pasture and woodland using stalking and ambush tactics as he goes in pursuit of some rabbits and woodpigeons to make a tasty mixed bag for the pot. Roost shooting can be a very effective way

BASC Membership hits 155,000

Membership of the UK’s largest shooting organisation has reached a record level of 155,000 people. BASC chairman Peter Glenser thanked those who continue to remain members of BASC and welcomed the newest members of the association. He said reaching the

Club of the Month: Okehampton Smallbore Club

Okehampton Smallbore Club is more than 100 years old, and as club secretary Di Johnson explains, it’s still as busy as ever. Started by the Territorial Force (the forerunner of the Territorial Army) during the First World War, Okehampton Smallbore


Pellet test with Mike Morton

Mike Morton takes part in a slugfest with the heavyweight Weihrauch Magnum – a quality hunting pellet that thinks it’s a sledgehammer. Should you be looking to deliver a super smackdown on your next hunting trip, look no further than

Pellet test: pretty poly

Predator Polymag Shorts are billed as premium hunting pellets, so Mike Morton sets out to see if these projectiles deliver on that promise. The US firm Predator International commissions some of its pellets from Czech manufacturer JSB, but Polymags are

Gun Test: No-Bull Bullpup

Nobody could have predicted the storm generated by BSA’s first-ever bullpup. Mat Manning puts the Defiant through its paces to see if it lives up to the hype Key Specs: Maker: BSA Guns, Birmingham Supplied By: BSA Guns ( Price: £1,049 (Black Soft Touch, Walnut), £1,099 (Black Pepper laminate) Model: Defiant Type: Multi-shot bullpup


Have spring guns reached the pinnacle of their design?

Simon Everett muses on the development of spring-powered airguns and wonders whether the best is yet to come. Many’s the time that I’ve heard conversations on the subject of spring airgun development, and how little progress has been made over

Gas Gun Goodness

Jonathan Young gasses on about the history of CO2 guns and offers a closer look at some of his personal favourites. While most airgun shooters know they can drop a 12g bulb into their pistol and get shooting, few realise

Hide and seek for crafty crows!

Wily corvids are seldom easy to outwit, but their scavenging nature can be their downfall, as Mat Manning demonstrates as he sets up with hide and decoy tactics. The countryman: Mat Manning Mat relishes the challenge of crow-shooting. These birds

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