Talking shop: Just Airguns

Ten years ago the company began as Just BB Guns – we talk to director Mark Watts about the move to incorporate airguns as well How did you get started and why? Just Air Guns was a natural progression from

The Airgun Show – night vision rabbit hunt, PLUS Pellpax Rabbit Sniper MKII kit on test…

As the days get shorter, rabbits are becoming more and more nocturnal in their habit. After-dark hunting is one of the best ways to target bunnies at this time of year, and we follow Mat Manning on a late session

Warm yourself up this winter with a game hot pot recipe

Are you bored of serving up the same old dishes? Well if you’re looking for something new to dish up for the family, look no further than this winter classic, the game hot pot, as Mat Manning takes you through


Gun test: Gamo Venari

Born to hunt: the Gamo Venari is named after the Latin word to hunt, so Mike Morton sets out to discover whether this PCP lives up to its ancient moniker Rifle kits are popular, providing the shooter with an all-in-one

FAC-rated rifles tested!

Richard Saunders tests five top FAC-rated rifles I’m willing to bet that just about every airgun shooter, certainly among those of us who hunt, has wondered what their legal-limit rifle would be like in FAC format. It’s only natural isn’t

The one-shot stop

Mike Morton takes up clay shooting – with no shotgun in sight – as he examines the damage done by different types of airgun pellet One thing all airgun hunters agree on is the need to kill a quarry animal


Rabbiting by Lamplight in this month’s Countryman

Mat Manning sets up with a scope-mounted flashlight and heads out into the night for some traditional rabbit lamping The ground I’m shooting over tonight is a mixed farm comprising several hundred acres of cattle grazing, cereal crops and pony

Gun test: Walther Reign

Mat Manning heads out with Walther’s distinctive new bullpup to see if this eye-catching little PCP can cut it in the performance stakes There is simply no stopping the current rampage of bullpup airguns. I’m not sure whether it’s down

Boxing bullpup

Mike Morton puts the Gamo Boxer through its paces to discover whether this budget bullpup can deliver a knockout in the hunting field. Bullpups have been around for a good many years, and while some airgun shooters initially branded them

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