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The Airgun Show – shoot squirrels from a feeding station, PLUS improve accuracy by mastering aim-off

With lockdown restrictions beginning to ease more and more hunters are heading out to crack on with grey squirrel control. With that in mind, Mat kicks off this episode with a masterclass on how to make your own feeding station

Streamlight Macrostream review

You may not use a torch like the Streamlight Macrostream every day, but you’ll be glad it’s close to hand whenever the need arises. Streamlight Macrostream Measuring just 11.4cm (4.5″) long, the Macrostream USB Everyday Carry Flashlight from Pennsylvania-based Streamlight


Best HFT scopes under £500

Andy McLachlan tests a quartet of HFT-ready scopes priced at under £500

Kral Puncher Review

Turkish gunmaker, Kral Arms entered the PCP market with the Kral Puncher – a multi-shot sidelever that’s both feature-laden and affordable. And now we’re here to give it the full review. The maker of the Kral Puncher is a fast-growing

SMK PR900W review

Until 2015, budget gun specialists SMK have never had a PCP in their line-up – but we take a look back at the first offering: the SMK PR900W The cheap PR900W marks SMK’s entry into the world of PCPs Sportsmarketing,


Scopes for benchrest target shooting

Andy McLachlan’s in favour of scopes offering only modest levels of magnification for most of his shooting – but not benchrest! Andy picked up this fixed 45x Leupold from his son James, after James bought a high-end March scope for

MTC King Cobra review

Despite the current trend for diminutive optics, Mat Manning reckons that big can still be beautiful after putting the MTC King Cobra through its paces. Although super-compact scopes are very much in fashion at present, there are times when bigger

Best HFT scopes under £500

Andy McLachlan tests a quartet of HFT-ready scopes priced at under £500

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