Mike Morton takes a look at the BSA Ultra CLX – an all-new version of this iconic sporting air rifle that’s available in regular and First Edition formats Only 200 units of the First Edition BSA Ultra CLX are being

The Airgun Show – ratting with the Daystate Delta Wolf, PLUS Element Optics Helix scope on test…

Faced with a massive infestation of rats, Richard Saunders has set up his Daystate Delta Wolf with night vision gear and is heading out for some after-dark pest control. Watch the full show here: The action comes thick and fast,

The Airgun Show – the new Brocock Safari XR, PLUS beat lockdown with the Hills compressor…

The Safari XR is the latest offering from British gunmaker Brocock, and Mat Manning is taking it out on this week’s episode of The Airgun Show. Apart from the awesome XR sidelever system and Huma regulated action, this air rifle


Weihrauch HW98 Grey Laminate review w/ Mat Manning

Mat Manning puts the Weihrauch HW98 Grey Laminate through its paces and concludes that a spring-powered airgun doesn’t have to be a compromise. How will the Weihrauch HW98 Grey Laminate do on test? The Weihrauch HW98 Grey laminate is shortlisted

Four of the best night vision scopes

Dont be afraid of the dark! Richard Saunders stays up past his bedtime to test four night vision scopes

Air rifles for kids – Richard Saunders tests some options

Richard Saunders looks at four rifle options for children (BSA Ultra JSR, Cometa 50, Milbro Accqr8 and Weihrauch HW 30K) and brings in some help to find the best


Questions in glass bedding and more in the latest Q&A

Struggling with a scope? Having hassles with your hunting? Well, don’t despair because you’ve arrived at the right place to discover remedies for your airgun anxieties! Whether you’re looking for a quick fix to a nagging problem or simply want

Airgun hunting on the farmyard

The farmyard can be an incredibly productive place for airgun hunters who know how to employ the right tactics, as Pete Brookes explains. The air rifle is perfect for dealing with rats and feral pigeons, but shooters should always be

Airgun pellet catcher – what is the ideal choice?

If you’re looking for an airgun pellet catcher with minimal noise and risk of ricochet, then Roddy McCafferty has the perfect solution. Roddy already owned a BSA target holder, some scrap wood and a couple of wood screws, so the

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