First Impressions: Riley Edge Spotlight shooting glasses

The comprehensive Riley Edge Spotlight set includes five pairs of glasses with different tints, plus a prescription lens insert We take eye safety very seriously here at Airgun Shooter, and eye protection is an absolute must for shooting particular disciplines

Airgun Shooter Magazine 133 is out NOW

We’ve got an optics special for you in the latest Airgun Shooter, focusing not just on scopes, but binoculars too. Telescopic sights offer a bewildering array of features, so Mike Morton goes back to basics to make sense of what’s

CORONAVIRUS: BASC asks Home Office to support firearms licensing during pandemic

Tens of thousands of firearm certificate holders could be at risk of breaking the law as the coronavirus outbreak restricts police resources, according to BASC. Some firearms certificates are due to expire in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic. The


Gamo Venari: Gun test

The Gamo Venari is named after the Latin word to hunt, so Mike Morton sets out to discover whether this PCP lives up to its ancient moniker Can the Gamo Venari live up to its name? Rifle kits are popular,

Pellet test: Weihrauch Magnum

Airgun Shooter editor Mike Morton shoots the Weihrauch Magnum to test what this pellet can deliver downrange. It’s a strange quirk of ballistic fate that some guns prefer light pellets, some heavy and some don’t really care. Thankfully airgun shooters

Mat Manning tests the MTC SWAT Prismatic scope

Mat Manning tries out the MTC SWAT Prismatic airgun scope and has to reconsider his views on super-compact sights. Scopes with extremely short eye relief are very much the Marmite of the airgun optics world – people seem to either


Springer rifles: top 4 break-barrel and underlevers

Richard Saunders takes a look at four top break-barrel and underlever spring rifles, and gives them the piston seal of approval Which springer rifles will get Richard Saunders’ approval? Although pneumatics have been around for much longer than many people

Springer airguns: 8 of the best options

Our top picks for springer shooters: the best Break-Barrel Springer & Gas-Ra and Underlever & Sidelever Springers you can buy

Gamo GX-40: Gun test

Mike Morton tests the Gamo GX-40, a multi-shot PCP that retails for less than £380, to find out if accuracy and handling really do come at a cost. Mike Morton tests out the affordable Gamo GX-40 Most airgun shooters are

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