Speak Up For Your Sport

Airgun shooters have been given the chance to speak up for their sport by taking part in a Home Office consultation on firearms safety. Interested parties – and that means us – are being asked to give their opinions on

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Airgun Insider: What can I do to help my sport?

The Insider wonders what we can do to make 2021 even more successful for shooters. I’m always asking myself what can I do to help promote shooting. Let’s be honest, as far as most non-shooters are concerned, it’s something they’re


Daystate Delta Wolf review with Mat Manning

Daystate’s pioneering Delta Wolf project is finally nearing completion – Mat Manning has been putting the first fully functioning model through its paces and reckons it was well worth the wait It has been a long time coming, but the

H&N Field Target Trophy Green pellet test

Mike Morton becomes environmentally aware and decides to test Field Target Trophy Green, a lead-free alternative from H&N For centuries, lead has been used to manufacture ammunition fired by both powder-burning firearms and airguns. Lead is relatively inexpensive, fairly easy

Weihrauch HW98 Grey Laminate review w/ Mat Manning

Mat Manning puts the Weihrauch HW98 Grey Laminate through its paces and concludes that a spring-powered airgun doesn’t have to be a compromise. How will the Weihrauch HW98 Grey Laminate do on test? Too many shooters regard spring-powered airguns as


Best value for money air rifles with Andy McLachlan

Andy McLachlan’s got some high-end air rifles in his collection, but this time he takes a look at one from the opposite end of the fiscal scale The Chinese-made M16D may not be the most elegant of rifles, but the

Choosing an optic

Andy McLachlan explains what he looks for when he’s choosing a telescopic sight that makes that optic truly useful for his style of shooting This Bushnell Elite Tactical 3-12×44 has been mounted on board Andy’s wonderful Venom 80 tuned break-barrel

Best thermal scopes on the market

Best thermals? No, we’re not talking woolly undies, just scopes, and Rich Saunders takes a look at some of the top choices With winter upon us and the nights drawing in, hunting for most means going out after dark. In

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