The Airgun Show – Daystate Delta Wolf on test, PLUS roving autumn squirrel hunt…

At long last, we are able to bring you our first proper look at the eagerly-awaited Daystate Delta Wolf. This is arguably the most technologically advanced air rifle on the planet, and Mat has managed to get his hands on

Airgun Shooter 140 on sale NOW

The latest edition of Airgun Shooter Magazine is now available! To find out how to subscribe, just follow this link: Mat Manning gives his verdict on the Lee Enfield Sentry, a PCP that bridges the gap between sporter and

The Airgun Show – lamping rats with a spring-powered gun, PLUS the Fenix HM65R ShadowMaster…

Mat is going back to basics this week and swapping his PCP and night vision for a spring gun and lamp and he heads out to target farmyard rats after dark. Kitted out with his Weihrauch HH95 break-barrel and a


Remington Express gun test

Mat Manning takes the Remington Express out on the range – and discovers that you don’t have to push your budget off the rails to land a decent entry-level airgun

Umarex Glock 19X review

Umarex is on a mission to put a Glock in as many shooters’ hands as possible – and Mike Morton finds himself grabbing hold of the 19X Austrian gunmaker Glock is known around the world for its series of polymer-framed,

Testing airgun pellet impact w/ Mike Morton

Mike Morton takes up clay shooting – with no shotgun in sight – as he examines the damage done by different types of airgun pellet One thing all airgun hunters agree on is the need to kill a quarry animal


Zeroing a scope: The ultimate how-to

Zeroing a rifle is a vital step on the road to accurate shooting – but, as Mike Morton explains, so is knowing where to aim at a host of different distances…

Cold weather shooting

Ethan Lowry urges airgun shooters to prepare for the cold so they can banish discomfort and disappointment when the temperature plummets. As shooters we can have the very latest training equipment and the best airgun. We can spend hours on

Coping with the cold

Cold weather can bring some of the year’s hottest sport, so Mat Manning explains how to keep your pest control productive when the mercury falls below zero – and stay safe and comfortable in arctic conditions…

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