Rabbit hunting with Richard Saunders

Rich Saunders takes a break from his pure pest control duties to stalk a few rabbits and see if there’s any light at the end of the polytunnel. A set of trigger sticks helps provide a more stable position to

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Getting new permissions with Shawn Minchin

Shawn Minchin recalls how he managed to snare a new permission that turned out to be quite a bit different to what he’d been expecting. The feeder was 23 yards from Shawn’s shooting position – with him sitting on a

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Squirrel control – The Countryman

Go about it in the right way and invasive grey squirrels can be controlled safely and discreetly in the back garden – Mat Manning explains how. Unless you’re lucky enough to live in the middle of nowhere, garden pest control

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Squirrel hunting: The Countryman

Take the pressure off grey squirrels and these destructive rodents will bounce back in no time – Mat Manning ramps up his squirrel hunting before the lockdown. Mat Manning shares his latest round of squirrel hunting Anyone tasked with the

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Best pellets: how to choose the right one

Ammo Nation! As a country of airgun shooters, we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to our ammunition. Mike Morton offers some pointers to help you pick your perfect pellet

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Nighttime ratting: The Countryman

Mat Manning heads out for some nighttime ratting in a pheasant pen where rats have homed in on the gamebirds’ feed. The Quarry: Brown Rat Credit: anemoneprojectors Pest status This rodent spreads disease by toileting around stored crops, animal feed

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Springer airguns: 8 of the best options

Our top picks for springer shooters: the best Break-Barrel Springer & Gas-Ra and Underlever & Sidelever Springers you can buy

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Zeroing a scope: The ultimate how-to

Zeroing a rifle is a vital step on the road to accurate shooting – but, as Mike Morton explains, so is knowing where to aim at a host of different distances…

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Crow control: The Countryman

Mat Manning has a hoot using an owl decoy and a bouncer during a crow control session on the farm. The Quarry: Carrion Crow Crow control is essential during spring Pest status: A major problem for farmers, especially in the

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The Airgun Show – Night vision rat hunt, PLUS the Brocock Sniper XR on test…

Don’t miss the latest episode of The Airgun Show! A mild winter and heavy rainfall have caused plagues of rats on the farms where Mat shoots, and he’s back in action on the scaly-tails in this week’s show. Get ready

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