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  1. Mike Secker says:

    Hatsan Striker comp will only let me enter via Facebook.
    Previous competitions have allowed normal entry.
    Is this deliberate or a mistake?
    I do not belong to Facebook & do not intend to, but I do not wish to cut my magazine.
    Any suggestions?
    Mike Secker

    • Sara F says:

      Dear Mike, you can enter all our competitions in three different ways.

      1) Online via our website which is linked to Facebook
      2) By post – many readers photocopy the competition form as like you they don’t wish to cut their magazine
      3) By email – you can send the differences, either via scanning the completed form or by writing a brief description of the differences, to

      Good luck!

  2. Alex says:

    My iPad won’t let the submit button actually submit my completed page. ??????.

  3. Eric G says:

    IF it wont let you do competions why say so in your magazine

  4. Paul says:

    Just entered. Wouldn’t it be nice to win for a change!!

  5. Martyn says:

    Well i must admit. I have entered hundreds of competitions.
    unfortunately never won a thing.
    would love to win a new air rifle. Mine is getting a bit old, like me.

  6. David Chalmers says:

    I am 73yrs old and have just got into air gun shooting and am loving it. It is helping me get out and about I like the magazine and have gained a lot of knowledge from it. And I love these competitions.

  7. Gerry Ward says:

    Like Martyn .entered many competitions. No winners yet. my birthday is on the 11th of may hopefully my luck will change for the better. Ha!

  8. Martyn says:

    I love the mags, the video’s and the site. Competitions are brilliant.
    I have never had a problem entering any of them, i just dont seem to win any.
    In much need of a new rifle. Just hope my luck changes.

  9. Samuel Reid says:

    hi have tried to enter December`s comp and January`s but unable to find them on the web site yours Sam Reid

  10. Mike Secker says:

    The entry address given for the June 2017 “” takes me to a site apparently associated with Shell oil, with the following info on screen:


    Sayın Aslan Çetinkaya,
    Kart No: 70044102653616313

    Teklifimizin süresi dolmuştur. Lütfen başka tekliflerimiz için bizi takip edin. İlginiz için teşekkür ederiz.

  11. Neil Edwards says:

    The competition site at is quite difficult to find nothing that come’s up relates to the airgun shooter site ,
    its for the prize of a HW45 .177 .
    The funny thing is I tried the competition for the BSA ULTRA XL which I
    would love to win , yet I had no problems entering that one ?
    Neil Edwards

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