4 of the best pistols

When you’re looking for a good all-round handgun, it’s necessary to pin down a pointable pistol that delivers accuracy, reliability, full-power and fun. Power’s important – the UK legal limit is 6 foot pounds – because it means you can test your marksmanship with more accuracy at longer ranges…

1. Weihrauch HW 44

The HW 44 is a multishot PCP, based on the HW 110 rifle, and features the same magazine system, sidelever cocking, build quality and reliability. It comes with open sights, which are probably best for fun-gunning sessions, but the 44 is also capable of carrying a scope up top, which will increase its accuracy potential when it’s time to swap tin cans and spinners for paper targets and scorecards, albeit during an informal session.

Although it’s not cheap, the Weihrauch HW 44’s features and performance justify its price – it’s basically a fist-sized PCP, and a very good one at that. This premium plinker is very addictive to shoot and the sidelever action is a great balance between the furious firepower of a blowback CO2 gun and the precision of a single-shot target pistol. Shoot it rested for tight groups – or freehand for some fast-fire fun.

2. Umarex Colt Single Action Army 7.5”

This CO2 revolver fires .177 pellets from six fake .45 cartridges. The gun is available with a shorter barrel and in a nickel finish, but the long 7.5in barrel makes it an accurate fun gun. If you are more inspired by the Wild West gun slinger aesthetics, then perhaps try “The Peacemaker” instead!

3. Webley Mk VI

The top-breaking Webley Mark VI was adopted in 1915; this CO2 replica comes in a variety of finishes, with the Battlefield variant giving it an authentic WWI look. It’s available in BB format, but better yet is the .177 pellet version.

4. Weihrauch HW 45

No list of air pistols is complete without the top-lever-actuated single-shot HW 45. Named in homage to the iconic Colt .45, which inspired its purposeful looks, the Weihrauch HW 45 has become an icon in its own right.

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