In the crosshairs: Tyler Lloyd

If you want to change the look of your rifle, it’s time to talk about designs and dipping tanks with Funky Dipz owner Tyler 

Did you shoot before starting Funky Dipz – and do you shoot today?

I went shooting when I first moved here (Uckfield, East Sussex) as I didn’t get much chance when we lived in London. Having seen some of the rifles we get to dip, I really want to get involved, so it is definitely on the cards.

How did the business start?

We have a car body shop, and I love painting cars and panel beating. As I’ve always done art, I felt like I needed to do something more creative, and came across hydrodipping. I thought with my experience in painting and art that this was the way forward for me, and after a lot of training and practice, I opened up Funky Dipz.

What was the first rifle you dipped and were you nervous about its success?

My first air rifle was a Daystate Pulsar, which was a lovely bit of kit! The customer knew his stuff about rifles and I could tell it wasn’t cheap, so yes – I was nervous. But it came out looking awesome and very mean-looking! And the customer was very happy.

Where do you get your ideas and is there anything that can’t be dipped?

I like to sit down with customers and throw around ideas to suit the person and the object. I can get quite carried away with patterns and colours. As long as it fits in my dipping tank and it can be submerged in water, it is getting dipped!

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