Outdoor essentials: Bags

You always need a place to stash all your equipment in the field – so having a well-appointed rucksack or bag is a must. Bear in mind, however, that your bags and cases must be appropriate for the job.508 There’s no use going head to toe in camo, if you’ve got a bag with noisy zips and buckles.

Jack Pyke’s 25-litre camo rucksack is ideal for any airgun forays, with a capacious design featuring two large side pouches, a quick-release waist belt and padded straps. The bag is available in olive green and English Oak (both pictured) – as well as English Woodland and Wild Trees Grassland – all photorealistic, high definition camo patterns that blend perfectly with British fauna.

On more successful pest control missions, don’t forget that you’ll need somewhere to store the shot quarry – and the Apex Predator game bag from Napier comes well-appointed in this department. It has capacity for up to 20 rabbits or 30 woodies in the PVC-lined detachable game sack – and pockets and storage space on the front have plenty of room for accessories and utility items. You can even wear the Predator around your waist. The lightweight, waterproof Hushtex fabric and woodland camo pattern are ideal for field conditions and not alerting prey.


It’s also worth bearing in mind that you’ll need a gun slip for when carrying your rifle over long distances. Indeed, we always advise you cover up your gun when not in use, for safety reasons and, of course, so as not to alarm members of the public you may encounter.

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