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When choosing a riflescope, there is plenty of choice out there. AO (adjustable objective), SF (side focus), SFP (second focal plane) and FFP (first focal plane) are among the terms you will see.

AO allows you to focus by turning the objective lens section of the scope, and offers good value for money and are found most commonly on 1-inch tube scopes.

Side focus uses a wheel / turret on the left of the scope to allow focus of the scope. Again the minimum range of focus may be important to you, especially for airgun use. Most Discovery scopes focus from 10 yards to infinity.

Second focal plane scopes are most common. These will have a reticle designed to give true scale spacing at a particular magnification, usually around 10x. At different magnifications allowances will need to be made if using holdover to compensate for pellet trajectory.

A first focal plane scope reticle varies in size at different power settings – so the scale is always correct.

The most important thing is to get a quality product that is right for the job. Discovery Optics offer a large range of products from small AO scopes to high quality FFP scopes. Though there are other companies that can offer similar high quality products, there are very few who can match Discovery value for money. With prices from £69.99 to £499.99 there is a great quality, great value scope in the range for you – and you will be amazed by the bright images, quality build and all backed by our lifetime warranty.

Our range includes:
VT-R / VT-Z range of 1 inch tube AO scopes
VT-2 range of 1 inch tube side focus scopes
HI range of 30 mm tube side focus scopes
VT-T range of 30 mm tube first focal plane scopes
HD range of 30 and 34 mm tube SFP and FFP scopes offering fantastic bright image.

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