First impressions: Umarex and Spartan Precision

Here, we’re looking at some of the latest kit to hit the market. Umarex 850 M2 Empire Kit If you’re after a gas gun that’s good to go, then the new Umarex 850 M2 Empire Kit could be just what

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First Impressions: GunPower HellCat

Mike Morton grabs hold of the GunPower HellCat, a rifle that’s light enough to be carried to hell and back – or at least around the hunting field. There are times when shooting from a hide or setting up an

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Airgun 125 is out NOW

Rat numbers have boomed on one of the farms where Mat Manning shoots, attracted by an abundance of easy food and plenty of snug places to nest. The cocky rodents are even venturing out in daylight, so Mat sets up

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Dope for your scope!

Mike Morton offers a few practical tips to help newcomers work out exactly where to aim their rifle – regardless of the distance to the target. Couldn’t it be great if we could zero a rifle, then just pick it

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Airgun addict: Jeremy Stamp

At just eight years of age, Jeremy struggled to cock his first rifle, but he persisted, and it started a lifelong love of all things air MY FIRST STEPS My first air rifle was a Britannia, manufactured by CG Bonehill

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Andy McLachlan is busting an ancient myth

Andy’s son James kicked off his competition shooting career using this Weihrauch HW 100 more than 10 years ago Andy McLachlan is out to dispel the age-old myth that getting involved in series competition shooting requires you to spend serious

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A bit of a hard case…

Range-Right has introduced an Italian-made, high quality hard case aimed at bullpup airgun owners. Bullpups have exploded in popularity, but many owners have struggled to find a case that not only protects their gun, but suits its diminutive dimensions. Full-size

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Mike Morton’s top tips (29-20)

Welcome to the second of our weekly list of airgun top tips running throughout July! This week, Mike Morton is sharing 29-20 of our key tips month, with tricks and techniques to help raise your game and be top of

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Ray Garner on a very special gun

The Uberti Remington 1871 Rolling Block Air Cartridge Rifle may have a rather long name, but Ray Garner doesn’t care – because it’s beautiful! Only sometimes do ideas, separated by time and topography, converge to make something new and remarkable.

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Airgun Shooter 124 is out NOW

In this month’s Airgun Shooter Magazine, Mat Manning visits an estate where a hardwood plantation has been devastated by grey squirrels who’ve been stripping the bark from the trees. He sets up a feeding station to help bring squirrel numbers

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