Best PCP air rifles under £500 – these are the top picks

On a budget? Looking for a PCP air rifle under £500. We’ve found five of the best.

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Best airgun accessories – high-end options

Andy McLachlan’s spent a small fortune on new guns, but he goes for even more retail therapy when he sees some tasty high-end accessories. Like most of us, I enjoy the occasion of buying a new gun. Following a lot

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The benefits of a tailored airgun stock

Target shooter Thomas Bristow explains how a tailored stock and hamster will let a competitor get the best performance out of their rifle. These four rifles may all be very different, but still have one thing in common – the

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Airgun springers: Four of the best fixed-barrel options

Many fixed-barrel airgun springer fans claim their rifles can rival a PCP for accuracy, so Rich Saunders takes a look at four of the best to find out. Few things are more pleasurable in airgunning than submitting to the exquisite

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Replacing a leaky piston seal with Jonathan Young

A leaky piston means a replacement seal, and with an older rifle that means leather, so Jonathan Young explains how to make one the old-fashioned way Older airguns are great fun to use, and let’s not forget that these were

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Custom stocks w/ Thomas Bristow

Thomas Bristow oversees the transformation of a laminate blank into a custom rifle stock for a friend, and reckons the end result is a thing of beauty Tom makes good use of a ruler and pen when creating his initial

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InfiRay Tube TL35 review w/ Mat Manning

Thermal gunsights give hunters ultimate stealth and vision by revealing their quarry’s heat signature – Mat Manning gives his verdict on the InfiRay Tube TL35. Thermal night vision optics have exploded in popularity over the past couple of years. This

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Airgun Shooter Magazine 153 is OUT NOW

The newest issue of Airgun Shooter Magazine is out now. To subscribe and get 3 issues for just £3, just visit: http://www.magazinesdirect.com/AGM/AU10 Mat Manning has been cracking down on pigeons and corvids that were targeting leftover grain on a stubble

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Corvid control w/ Rich Saunders

Rich Saunders is invited to help bring a corvid invasion under control, but the target-rich environment proves trickier than he expected. My heart sinks when the owner of one of my permissions tells me he’s “‘overrun” or “infested” with pests, because

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Optics for HFT w/ Thomas Bristow

Thomas Bristow’s on the hunt for a new HFT scope, and finds himself being seriously impressed by the Vortex Diamondback Tactical FFP. Thomas was lucky enough to have the opportunity to test plenty of optics before finally settling on the

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