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Airgun Shooter magazine has undergone a serious revamp, with the latest issue offering a fresh new look backed up by plenty of new content. The aim was to provide a magazine that celebrates airgun shooting in all its forms, whether it’s hunting, formal target shooting or plain old back garden plinking. While Airgun Shooter had always been a great magazine, it was time to take stock and reload the pages with plenty of top-level content for airgun shooters everywhere, whatever their discipline or level of ability.

A whole community surrounds airguns and airgun shooting, and we’re fostering that spirit in Zeroing In, our news and community section where we look at the latest kit, but also talk to some real people about the hobby they love so much.

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There’s plenty of practical advice too, with our main article revealing some shooting secrets – top tips to help airgun shooters get their rifle and scope set up for success. Anyone wondering whether it really is worth their while washing, lubing, weighing or sizing their pellets should take a look at our technical section, which this month features pellet prep techniques.

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Heading into the hunting field, Mat Manning uses his new section The Countryman to explain how best to ambush rabbits. You’ll also see Mat on our free cover-mounted video disc, where he offers some great advice to people just starting out in the hobby, along with more advice for the airgun hunter.


Veteran Field Target and Hunter Field Target aficionado Mark Camoccio uses his Target Shooter section to explain, among other things, the benefits of supported shots and a target glove. If winning medals isn’t your thing, Mark’s tips can easily be applied to back garden plinking. As he puts it himself: “Striving to improve is just as relevant to plinkers as it is to would-be world champions.”

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Readers wanting help with any shooting-related problems can now head to our Airgun Answers section, where Simon Everett, Mat Manning, Mike Morton and members the British Association for Shooting and Conservation’s airgun team offer both technical and practical advice.

When listening to what readers wanted from the revamp, one thing was fired out loud and clear – the need for more unbiased, but fair, rifle and gear reviews. Testing Station, another new section, sees Pete Wadeson pick his top four hunting rifles for under £999 – not an easy task. The reviews continue with the Saxon, the latest limited edition offering from Daystate, and the ATN X-Sight II day and night scope.

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Simon Everett continues his quest for the perfect pellet, and he also hosts his own section, The Gun Room, where he takes a close look at an iconic rifle from yesteryear in each issue.

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Editor-in-chief Mike Morton said: “The new-look magazine is a bit different to what you’ve seen before. Airgun shooting really does offer something for everyone. We want to encourage newcomers to adopt some good habits to help them improve their shooting technique and make more informed choices about their purchases. We hope some older hands will pick up a thing or two as well.

“The contributors to the magazine and I all have the same objective – we want it to be entertaining, informative, sometimes controversial (which is best .177 or .22?) and most of all useful. We hope you enjoy it.”

If you’re not already a subscriber to Airgun Shooter then take a look here and grab a year’s worth of magazines and a free swinging squirrel target – perfect for plinking!

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