First impressions: Storming with the Astille

It may look like a boat tail bullet or artillery shell, but the Huggett Astille moderator has been engineered this way for a very good reason

Huggett Moderators is a company that has a well-deserved reputation for building products with plenty of style as well as substance, and aesthetically pleasing models such as the Snipe, Belita and Atom have now been joined by arguably the most stylish of them all – the Astille.

Mimicking the roundly tapered part of a bullet called the ogive, the Astille’s radical lines capitalise on the natural noise suppression properties that are produced by its conical shape.

The Astille is calibre-specific, and the company reckons it can even improve the accuracy of some rifles – that’s a claim we’ll be putting to the test very soon.

The Astille’s modular format consists of a universal base with female thread, the main silencing chamber, an optional extension module that fits between the base and chamber, and either a flat or conical tip.

Matt black anodised spacer rings either side of the main chamber add some flair, and spacers are available in brass, red, blue and silver.

Up to three extension modules can be fitted, each reducing the decibel level of the muzzle report still further. The Astille measures 149mm, weighs just 141g and retails at £119.99, or you can get the Astille Plus, fitted with one extension unit, for £139.99. 

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