New two-piece ammo

This month, we received news of a revolutionary airgun pellet manufactured in the UK by a creative Cumbrian-based firm specialising in plastics, Parrfit Foils. Unusually, it’s in .14 calibre – but designed as a two-piece round so that it can be shot through either a conventional .177- or .22-rifled barrel. Made from lead, the .14 (3.556mm) bullet nose loosely fits into a lightweight plastic carrier known as the wad, which comes in either .177 or .22 calibre. Made from a high-tech synthetic for a perfect air seal (and thus maximum velocity), this wad immediately falls away when the round exits the muzzle, allowing the 7-grain boat-tailed bullet to continue its journey downrange.


Due to its small calibre and aerodynamically superior shape, the bullet follows a near-flat trajectory out to 60 yards and retains energy better than any conventional airgun pellet currently on the market – and you can get more info about this unbelievable ammo from Parrfit Foils’ website:

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One comment on “New two-piece ammo
  1. Adrian Biewer says:

    This would be an awesome pellet for silhouette shooting and hunting small game.

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