Hill GEN3 Stirrup Pump Review

Hill-GEN3-pumpThe third-generation pump from Sheffield-based Ernest H Hill Ltd is the best incarnation of its air rifle pump yet – though with over 160 years of building pumps, it’s hardly surprising that it’s the benchmark for other manufacturers to follow!

Two things set the GEN3 apart from earlier versions. First, the effort level has been made much more moderate – no longer do you have to bear down your entire weight to cram 3,000psi into your rifle on the return stroke. Secondly, Hill has designed it to be user-serviceable (if you so desire). Due to the heat generated during the pumping process, all stirrup pumps require proper maintenance every 18 months or so, and being able to do it yourself makes life just that bit easier. Hill offers a full range of spares and the correct oils, all at affordable prices.

The GEN3 is well engineered with comfortable rubber handles and a 210mm-wide footplate, although we feel the pump topples over all too easily after disconnecting the supplied 1/8BSP hose. Although it’s fitted with anti-dirt filters, we’d highly recommend the addition of a Dry-Pac to extract any moisture from the air being compressed into your rifle’s cylinder.

SRP: £159 (excl. Dry-Pac) Dry-Pac kit – £36

Available from www.airiflepump.com

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