British Shooting Show 2015

Just Three Weeks Until… The Great British Shooting Show!

In 21 days’ time, the organisers will be opening the doors to the seventh British Shooting Show, taking place at Stoneleigh Park in Warwickshire over three days: Friday 14th to Sunday 16th February…

Tony Belas tn

VIDEO – Daystate MD Talks About His New Pulsar PCP

Daystate’s new Pulsar – released yesterday afternoon (GMT) at the SHOT Show in Las Vegas has become the big talking point in airgun circles – so here’s the Staffordshire gunmaker’s MD, Tony Belas, doing just that about his new rifle!

The new Daystate Pulsar - the 'fifth generation' PCP the staffordshire has developed with a computer-driven, electronic action

Daystate launches ‘MK 5’… (but it ain’t called that!)

After announcing the end of the line for their computer-driven MK4, UK PCP manufacturers Daystate has launched what it’s calling the ‘fifth generation’ of electronic air rifles. The new rifle will be known as the Pulsar… and the Staffordshire gunmaker says ‘it redefines airgun design as we known it’



Walther Rotex RM8

It’s been kept under wraps for most of the year, but since being announced as ‘imminent’, everyone’s been keen to see just how well Walther’s first bolt-action PCP will stack up – especially as its asking price of just £420

Two new 'first guns' are put to the test: the Thor GRS and the Junior Hunter (shouldered)

Head-to-head: Gamo Junior Hunter v Norica Thor GRS

Young airgunners are the lifeblood of tomorrow’s shooting sports. Mark Camoccio assesses two Spanish break-barrels that are designed to entice juniors into the fold


Test: Walther LGU

Hot on the heels of its highly advanced LGV break-barrel, Walther has added another impressive springer to its stable. This one also bears a famous name from the past – and the editor is the first to take the new LGU underlever for a test drive…



Hunting Haven – Park Farm

Mat Manning is invited along to a farm where airgun shooters can enjoy the ultimate hunting holiday…


Bottle testing – Hydrotech

The regulations surrounding the use of high-pressure vessels make testing for safety mandatory at periods determined by the use the pressure cylinder is put to. However, there’s enough ambiguity in the rules to confuse end users, charging stations and even


Limited Edition BSA R10 Elite

The BSA R10 Mk2 is one of the most popular rifles on the market today, with a massive shot count, supreme accuracy and a stock that’s so well-balanced, you hardly know you’re holding it! The R10 Mk2 is the flagship

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