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The Airgun Show – decoying corvids with the Daystate Pulsar, PLUS the BSA Comet EVO on test

We’ve got everything covered, from electronic PCPs to affordable break-barrel spring guns. First up, it’s an ambush from the hide, as Mat Manning takes the Daystate Pulsar out on its first hunting trip. See how the state-of-the-art airgun fares against

The new Daystate Pulsar - the 'fifth generation' PCP the staffordshire has developed with a computer-driven, electronic action

Daystate Unveil New Promotional Video

Britain’s award-winning PCP manufacturer, Daystate, whose Wolverine was voted Airgun of the Year 2014 by readers of Airgun Shooter magazine, has just released a new promotional video to the airgun world.

Despite overwhelming opposition, the Scottish parliament still presses on with plans to licence airguns north of the border

BASC Supports Amendments to Scotland’s Proposed Airgun Licensing

The Air Weapons and Licensing (Scotland) Bill begins its Stage Two consideration and scrutiny by the Local Government and Regeneration Committee in Holyrood on Wednesday – and the BASC has been working to help develop amendments which might make the proposed legislation more workable



Ammo in Action: Webley VMX

Simon Everett puts popular airgun pellets to the test. This month: Webley VMX .177

014_MTC Optics 1-4x24 IR CQB Mamba04

Scope Review: MTC 1-4×24 Mamba CQB

Thom Jarrino discovers MTC Optics’ diminutive 1-4×24 Mamba ‘CQB’ – and thinks it’s a rather big find for airgunners…


Head-to-head: Cometa 220 v Weihrauch HW99S

Mark Camoccio goes head-to-head with a pair of lightweight springers from Germany and Spain – each of which is clearly capable of punching well above its weight!


007_PF (12)_web_600w

Scoring in the Field

Ian Barnett continues his .20 calibre hunting experiment, this time trying out the heavyweight H&N Barracuda under field conditions… A few weeks ago I put my back out, lifting a box full of lightweight decoys into the X-Trail, of all things!


After Dark Rabbits: Rabbit Lamping

Shorter winter days don’t necessarily mean long hours stuck indoors – as Mat Manning proves when he grabs his lamp and heads out in search of rabbits…

British Shooting Show 2015 - sexy snippets

Sexy Snippets from the British Shooting Show

The Great British Shooting Show took place between 13 and 15 February at Stoneleigh Park – and here’s a brief look at some of the highlights which we didn’t have room to include in our report in April’s edition…

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