Despite overwhelming opposition, the Scottish parliament still presses on with plans to licence airguns north of the border

Scottish Airgun Licensing – BASC’s comment on Holyrood’s Stage One Vote

While some consider airgun licensing in Scotland to be a ‘done deal’, the Stage One debate on 23rd April has failed to secure support from all parties in the Scottish Parliament, Holyrood because of lack of evidence…

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The Airgun Show – rabbit shooting off a bipod, PLUS the FX Verminator MKII on test

We set up an ambush for rabbits while out to recce a new shooting permission. Mat Manning explains how to make the most of your static hunting with a bipod, and put more bunnies in the bag. This week’s test

BSA R10 Black Pepper tn

SCOOP! BSA Launches New R10 Variant in Black Pepper Laminate

Here’s a scoop photo of BSA’s about-to-be-launched new PCP. It’s based on the time-proven Mk2 action of the regulated R10, and this one comes dressed in BSA’s ‘Black Pepper’ laminate woodwork.


014_MTC Optics 1-4x24 IR CQB Mamba04

Scope Review: MTC 1-4×24 Mamba CQB

Thom Jarrino discovers MTC Optics’ diminutive 1-4×24 Mamba ‘CQB’ – and thinks it’s a rather big find for airgunners…


Head-to-head: Cometa 220 v Weihrauch HW99S

Mark Camoccio goes head-to-head with a pair of lightweight springers from Germany and Spain – each of which is clearly capable of punching well above its weight!


Shooting Gem – Thom Jarrino

They say you only get what you pay for – but how will Thom Jarrino rate PAO’s upgraded Topaz 3-9×50 IR scope that comes with a stack of goodies for an all-up price of just £60?


British Shooting Show 2015 - sexy snippets

Sexy Snippets from the British Shooting Show

The Great British Shooting Show took place between 13 and 15 February at Stoneleigh Park – and here’s a brief look at some of the highlights which we didn’t have room to include in our report in April’s edition…


Nutcracker Sweet!

Set another long-term hunting experiment by the editor, Ian Barnett takes to the fields with the ‘in-between’ .20 calibre – and sees how it rates against his old adversary, the grey squirrel…


Hunting Haven – Park Farm

Mat Manning is invited along to a farm where airgun shooters can enjoy the ultimate hunting holiday…

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