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The Airgun Show – springtime squirrel and rat shooting, PLUS Air Arms Pro Sport review

It’s springtime in the woods, and a vital time for pest control as nesting season looms. This week Mat Manning is ambushing grey squirrels and rats from a hide, set up within range of a pheasant feeder to head off

Just one of the new 'infographics' from the BASC's PR Shooting Toolkit, designed to help shooters become good ambassadors for  their sport

BASC Wants YOU To Be A Shooting Ambassador!

Britain’s largest shooting organisation, the BASC, has designed a Shooting Toolkit to help shooters become good ambassadors for their sport. If you want to put forward a good argument for shooting and its benefits for the economy, environment and social well-being, it’s worth a look-in…


New Military Gas-rams Unveiled

AirForceOne has a pair of gas-ram air rifles that are soon-to-be released into UK gun shops – and Airgun Shooter has been given exclusive access to these .177 calibre military lookalikes…



Head-to-head: Cometa 220 v Weihrauch HW99S

Mark Camoccio goes head-to-head with a pair of lightweight springers from Germany and Spain – each of which is clearly capable of punching well above its weight!


Shooting Gem – Thom Jarrino

They say you only get what you pay for – but how will Thom Jarrino rate PAO’s upgraded Topaz 3-9×50 IR scope that comes with a stack of goodies for an all-up price of just £60?


Walther Rotex RM8

It’s been kept under wraps for most of the year, but since being announced as ‘imminent’, everyone’s been keen to see just how well Walther’s first bolt-action PCP will stack up – especially as its asking price of just £420


British Shooting Show 2015 - sexy snippets

Sexy Snippets from the British Shooting Show

The Great British Shooting Show took place between 13 and 15 February at Stoneleigh Park – and here’s a brief look at some of the highlights which we didn’t have room to include in our report in April’s edition…


Nutcracker Sweet!

Set another long-term hunting experiment by the editor, Ian Barnett takes to the fields with the ‘in-between’ .20 calibre – and sees how it rates against his old adversary, the grey squirrel…


Hunting Haven – Park Farm

Mat Manning is invited along to a farm where airgun shooters can enjoy the ultimate hunting holiday…

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