Happy New Year! The new issue of Airgun Shooter magazine is out now!

Christmas might be over, but the fun hasn’t finished yet! The new issue of Airgun Shooter is out now! Discover what we’ve got in store for you this month…

Boxing Day sale – 20% off everything!

Great news for bargain-hungry airgunners – if you didn’t get your fix of airgun gear for Christmas, you can grab a subscription for yourself this Boxing Day.

Issue 115 of Airgun Shooter is out now!

The new issue of Airgun Shooter is an autumn hunting special, filled with ways to boost your bag with a variety of quarry


Gun Test: Brocock Bantum Sniper HR

The super-successful Bantam from British gunmaker Brocock has been revamped and fitted with a regulator from Dutch masters Huma – Mat Manning puts the Sniper HR to the test

How to charge your PCP with a cylinder

If you’re shooting a PCP you’ll need to fill it with air, so Mike Morton explains how to get up and running with an airgun charging cylinder

Gun Test: BSA’s no-bull bullpup

Nobody could have predicted the storm generated by BSA’s first-ever bullpup. Mat Manning puts the Defiant through its paces to see if it lives up to the hype


Q&A: The best way to sight in using a springer with a silencer

Mike Morton reveals the best way to sight your target when you’re using a springer fitted with a silencer

Springer training to improve your PCP shooting

Andy McLachlan offers some advice to shooters wanting to raise their game with a PCP: shoot a springer instead… at least for a while

Q&A: How can I check my scope for parallax error?

Parallax is the effect whereby the position or direction of an object appears to differ when looked at from different positions. Mike Morton explains how to check your scope for parallax error… 

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