First impressions: Hawke Sidewinder FFP

Aim points for free with an FFP:First-focal-plane scopes are gaining in popularity, and as Mike Morton casts his eye over the Hawke Sidewinder FFP, it’s easy to see why

Feeling hot? Dip into the (airgun) pool!

Fancy a fun challenge against a friend on your plinking range? Try a game of Airgun Pool and see who’s first to get to black

First Impressions: Dust Devil BBs go up in smoke!

Fancy a BB that won’t bounce or ricochet off your target? Look no further than the Dust Devil from Air Venturi


Classic Gun Spotlight: Air Arms Camargue

Shooting the breeze… Named after a prevailing wind, the Air Arms Camargue has entered folklore as a true airgun great, says Simon Everett

Gun Test: Hatsan Galatian IV

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…. Mike Morton has some interplanetary fun with the fibre-optic-fitted Hatsan Galatian IV

Gun Test: Remington Express

Mat Manning takes the Remington Express out on the range – and discovers that you don’t have to push your budget off the rails to land a decent entry-level airgun


Airgun Essential: Pellet Scales

When all the factors must be weighed up… why you need to get yourself a set of scales designed specifically for your pellets

Airgun Essential: Boresnake

Dirty barrel? Get a grip on some serpent twine! Discover what a BoreSnake is and why you need one

Roving rabbit shoot

With rabbit numbers on the rise after a successful breeding season, Mat Manning heads out on a stalking session with coneys in his sights

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