Aeron air rifle stocks on test

Mike Morton homes in on a range of adjustable custom stocks from Aeron that can cradle a variety of Air Arms, FX and Weihrauch rifles

Good-fitting gun stocks will maximise the effectiveness and ease with which the shooter can take a successful shot, boosting comfort and accuracy. If you are struggling with your own stock, you might want to consider going for a custom design, such as the one seen here from Aeron CZ.

Aeron, which is based in the city of Brno in the Czech Republic, has more than 20 years’ experience in manufacturing, modifying and repairing airguns, and has now turned its hand to making the Ultra series of modular stocks for several different models of airgun; the one seen here is suitable for the Weihrauch HW 100 and 101.

It’s available in two lengths of forend, these being Standard and Short for the K (carbine) models. The cheekpiece is ambidextrous, and while a dedicated right-hand pistol grip is included in the base price, a left-handed grip will cost an extra £20. The chassis is made of aluminium, while the palm rest (hamster), cheekpiece and pistol grip are made of wood.

It’s a straightforward job to fit the stock. Remove the rifle from its existing furniture, take off the barrel band then drop it into the Aeron chassis, taking care to line up the trigger housing. You can then put your Weihrauch stock screws away for safekeeping: the rifle is secured with new mounting hardware that’s supplied by Aeron.

It’s now a case of spending some time to fine-tune the various components until you get that all-important perfect fit. All the adjustments are carried out using the two Allen keys that are supplied with the stock. Although the Ultra was designed with HFT and FT shooters in mind, it’s perfectly possible to use your newly configured HW 100/101 in the hunting field as well. There’s even an option to fit sling swivel studs so you can use a sling or bipod.

While a custom stock is primarily about function, form is important too. The woodwork is offered in a choice of black lacquer, beech, red and black/grey laminate. The metalwork comes with a black anodised finish, but can be treated to a Cerakote finish in a variety of colours if desired.

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