Airgun answers: How to remove a stuck CO2 capsule

I haven’t shot a CO2 pistol for years, but bought a new one and used some of my old capsules. One’s got stuck. How do I remove it?

Numerous manufacturers are now producing CO2 guns – and there are plenty of different companies making the gas bulbs too, some of which do show minor differences. The design of the neck area can pose problems on some guns on rare occasions. With any new gun, it’s wise to carry out a test fit by loosely inserting an empty bulb first. It’s a good idea to keep a handful of empty bulbs from different manufacturers just for this purpose. You will quickly see if there are any problems; if not, you’ll know to stick with that specific brand for that gun.

If you’re collecting many different airguns, it’s normal to keep a choice of fresh bulbs from a number of different sources. There is nothing worse than not being able to do some shooting because a capsule won’t fit. Well actually, one thing is worse – not being able to remove a jammed bulb!

But don’t get too worried at this stage, as a jammed capsule may not mean a total strip-down. Try cooling the gun in the fridge then tapping the flat base of the pistol grip – taking care not to break the piercing mechanism. This may allow the bulb to drop clear.

If it’s jammed in solid, you could try a cheap school compass, two skinny hex keys or even two micro screwdrivers inserted either side of the neck of the capsule. Grip the capsule tightly, then apply downward pressure onto the shoulder of the bulb, and that should release it.

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