Q&A: How to fit studs to your rifle

Mat Manning shows you how to safely fit studs to your precharged air rifle in order to attach a bipod or sling

Q. I want to fit studs to my precharged air rifle so I can attach a bipod and sling. Is this a job I can do myself, or should I take it to a gun shop?

You should be able to fit QD studs at home, but your local gun shop will do it for you if you’re unsure. If you decide to do the job yourself, the key thing is to have all the kit to hand before you start.

Be sure to remove the gun from the stock before you do any drilling – the last thing you want is to damage your rifle’s air cylinder. It’s also wise to have a test run on a piece of scrap wood before you start – it’s far better than getting it wrong on your cherished stock.

1. Remove the action

How to fit studs to a rifle

Remove your airgun’s action from the stock. Drills and pressurised air don’t mix – failure to take this simple precaution could result in dangerous and costly damage to your rifle.

2. Test run

How to fit studs to a rifle

Have a test run on a piece of scrap wood to check that you’re using the right drill bits, then mark them with tape to ensure that you drill the stock to the correct depth.

3. On to the stock

How to fit studs to a rifle

Secure the stock and use a bradawl to mark the underside where holes are to be drilled. Start with the smallest drill bit and work up to the largest, using tape as a depth gauge.

4. Screw down and align

How to fit studs to a rifle

Place a spacer washer onto the stud and screw down using an Allen key through the eye. Tighten down until the stud is secure and correctly aligned with the stock.

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