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Beginners guide to airgun hunting w/ Phil Siddell

Phil Siddell examines the benchmarks that any aspiring airgun hunters needs to meet before heading to the field for the first time. In my estimation, air rifle hunting is one of the toughest field sports around. It has a bit

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Airgun ammunition – Phil Hooper on the use of lead

Phil Hooper offers a balanced view on a weighty topic – the continued use of a poisonous metal to manufacture airgun ammunition  In terms of lead content by mass, one 28g 12-bore cartridge equates to 11 .22 LR rounds or

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Sightmark Wraith review w/ Mat Manning

Mat Manning gets to grips with the Sightmark Wraith – a digital day and night scope that boasts admirable performance and easy operation without a hefty price tag With so many airgun shooters moving over to infrared night vision for

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Airgun Shooter 154 is OUT NOW

The latest issue of Airgun Shooter Magazine is now available To subscribe to Airgun Shooter Magazine, just visit: Although some farms hold a resident population of rats right through the year, numbers of these unwelcome rodents tend to peak

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Mike Morton on the perfect benchrest setup

Mike Morton gets called to the bench to explain how a setup like this can be useful for all air rifle shooters, whatever their preferred activity or discipline. Mention the word “bench” and two shooting scenarios come to mind. The

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Springer vs PCP air rifles – Rich Saunders on which you should pick

Rich Saunders takes a look at some top-of-the-range springers and entry-level PCPs, and asks which is the better purchase. Choosing an air rifle is hard enough. New manufacturers are springing up from all over the world, and established companies are

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The reasons behind pest control

Pete Brookes goes all 007 on us and explains the rationale for taking a life, only this time it’s with an air rifle rather than a Walther PPK. Credit: David Jinks They say people can judge one’s age by your

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Airgun Shooter Magazine 153 is OUT NOW

The newest issue of Airgun Shooter Magazine is out now. To subscribe and get 3 issues for just £3, just visit: Mat Manning has been cracking down on pigeons and corvids that were targeting leftover grain on a stubble

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HFT practice w/ Andy McLachlan

Andy McLachlan visits Fort Airgun Club to shoot an HFT practice course, having made a few changes to his setup in pursuit of a higher score. Simon Gibson uses his Air Arms FTP 900 to good effect during the practice

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Keeping focus in target shooting

Whether you booze it up or get to bed early before a competition, Andy McLachlan insists you clear your head if you hope to shoot well. Top shots like Dave Benyon know they need to approach each competition in the

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