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Keeping focus in target shooting

Whether you booze it up or get to bed early before a competition, Andy McLachlan insists you clear your head if you hope to shoot well. Top shots like Dave Benyon know they need to approach each competition in the

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Optics for HFT w/ Thomas Bristow

Thomas Bristow’s on the hunt for a new HFT scope, and finds himself being seriously impressed by the Vortex Diamondback Tactical FFP. Thomas was lucky enough to have the opportunity to test plenty of optics before finally settling on the

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Tuning the FX Impact for slug ammunition

Long-range hunting expert Lee Watts explains how to tune the FX Impact for optimum performance with slug ammunition. Everyone is talking about tuning airguns to shoot slugs. But what do you do if you want a slice of the action

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Brocock Ranger XR review w/ Mat Manning

Big isn’t always best, as Mat Manning discovers when he gets to grips with the Brocock Ranger XR – a tiny airgun with some massive tricks up its sleeve. There are times when all of us have thought we could

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Warm weather airgun shooting w/ Mat Manning

Hot, muggy days may not be the best for shooting, but Mat Manning reckons there’s always something to be gained from spending time on your ground. The summer months can be very challenging as far as pest control is concerned,

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Rabbit shooting – the Countryman w/ Mat Manning

Summer evenings are the prime time for targeting troublesome rabbits – Mat Manning details the tactics he uses when setting his sights on this infamous agricultural pest. This article originally appeared in the July issue of Airgun Shooter Magazine This

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Airgun shot release w/ Andy McLachlan

The best rifle, scope and pellet combo won’t shoot where you want without correct shot release, so Andy McLachlan explains how. It’s a lot easier to take an accurate shot from the bench compared with outdoors thanks to the enhanced

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Airgun shooting tips – learning from the past

Soldiers carrying the Lee-Enfield had a thorough Small Arms Training regime, and Mike Morton finds out if modern airgun shooters can pick up any tips. History, as I was told at school, isn’t just a record of what once happened.

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Airgun restoration w/ Phil Hooper

Phil Hooper puts his restorative skills to the test as he sets out to breathe new life into a vintage Webley Mk1 air pistol. In previous articles we looked at why you might want a vintage Webley air pistol and

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Airgun Shooter Magazine 152 is ON SALE NOW

The latest issue of Airgun Shooter Magazine is now available. To subscribe to Airgun Shooter Magazine, just visit: Walther’s LG400 Field Target is a single-shot PCP that’s intended for FT or HFT use, but as Mike Morton discovers, there’s

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