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Unsupported standing airgun shooting w/ Andy McLachlan

Standing shots are a standing joke for some shooters, but Andy McLachlan has some tips to make this tricky stance more manageable. Age can take its toll on our physical ability to adopt the necessary stances, but practice can still

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Airgun springer advice w/ John Hooper

John Hooper lands himself two rather nice springers, but reckons shooters starting out are actually better off buying a bargain basement boinger. The last couple of months have brought some pretty big changes in my life. I have finally made

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How to make a solid support for benchrest airgun shooting

Andy McLachlan runs through his options when it comes to shake-free shooting, and ends up using a high-end bipod for extra support. Here’s an example of a cheaper imitation Atlas bipod that’s been modified by Jim Edge to make it

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Springer airgun hunting w/ Rich Saunders

Rich Saunders goes back to his roots with his Webley Vulcan in an effort to recapture his youth. Isn’t it funny what you think about when sitting in a bush, waiting for rabbits to emerge? Other than shooting, my passion

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Getting a permission for airgun shooting

Jim Old wants to go after some quarry with his air rifle, but first he has to do a different type of hunting – hunting down a permission. When my kids were at primary school they were taught how to

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Airgun shooting advice w/ Andy McLachlan

Andy McLachlan is here with some airgun shooting advice and focuses his mind on one of the most important things a shooter needs to be a success – concentration. Plenty of shooters have a wealth of experience to pass on

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Getting into airgun shooting – Mat Manning discusses support for new shooters

New recruits represent the future of our sport and our businesses. Mat Manning reminds retailers of their responsibility to set them off on the right track. © Alamy This article originally appeared on our sister publication, Gun Trade News It

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Outdoor airgun shooting w/ Andy McLachlan

Andy McLachlan recalls a time when the world was a little closer to normal and he paid a visit to a shooting ground for a spot of HFT. Andy takes on a long-range target on one of the HFT courses

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Airgun Shooter 149 is out NOW

In the latest issue of Airgun Shooter Magazine, Mike and Mat test out two PCPs from different ends of the budget scale, Rich Saunders goes out hunting and also tests out some springer airguns, and John Hooper explains why new

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Tips for scope maintenance – the latest Airgun Answers

Whether you’re looking for a quick fix to a nagging problem or simply want advice on your next piece of gear, email us at or write to us: one of our experts will soon get you on the right

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