Airgun addict: Scott Anderson

Scott began shooting at the age of 12, and now just three years later he admits he’s become a true airgun addict.


I started shooting three years ago when I was 12. I went to try it out at a local sports activity centre with my dad. As I really enjoyed it, I asked my dad if we could get an airgun and shoot more regularly. I’m now a member of Cloybank APRC, and get up at 6am each Saturday to go shooting at the club.


That first gun was an SMK 501, CO2 rifle. It was great fun, a good little gun to get me started. We now have a great collection, including an HW 100, BSA R-10, Air Arms 500 HFT, Kral NP02, Artemis PP700SA and a Gamo Compact.


My go-to rifle right now it is my AA 500HFT. I only got this recently, and have started to use it at the competitions. I am gradually getting used to the gun and scope, and I really enjoy shooting it. I don’t hunt, but have really got into shooting HFT this year.


I think more people should get enjoyment out of shooting. You won’t always shoot great, but you can always have a good time. It’s the fun you have when you are at the club or a shoot. The other guys at the clubs are all a great bunch of people, and I enjoy being part of the airgunning group.

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