Corvid control w/ Rich Saunders

Rich Saunders is invited to help bring a corvid invasion under control, but the target-rich environment proves trickier than he expected. My heart sinks when the owner of one of my permissions tells me he’s “‘overrun” or “infested” with pests, because

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Hatsan Factor review w/ Mike Morton

Mike Morton reckons shooters who like the AR platform will find a lot to love in the shape of the tactically styled Hatsan Factor multi-shot PCP. Hatsan Factor PCP Air Rifle Black rifles like the Hatsan Factor that are inspired

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Optics for HFT w/ Thomas Bristow

Thomas Bristow’s on the hunt for a new HFT scope, and finds himself being seriously impressed by the Vortex Diamondback Tactical FFP. Thomas was lucky enough to have the opportunity to test plenty of optics before finally settling on the

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Servicing airgun springers – Mike Morton works on his gun club’s collection

Mike Morton services his gun club’s springer collection, starting with an HW97 called rifle A5 – will he be able to make Number Five come alive? Airgun shooters wanting to join a club have a pretty wide choice these days,

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Tuning the FX Impact for slug ammunition

Long-range hunting expert Lee Watts explains how to tune the FX Impact for optimum performance with slug ammunition. Everyone is talking about tuning airguns to shoot slugs. But what do you do if you want a slice of the action

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Unsupported standing airgun shooting w/ Andy McLachlan

Standing shots are a standing joke for some shooters, but Andy McLachlan has some tips to make this tricky stance more manageable. Age can take its toll on our physical ability to adopt the necessary stances, but practice can still

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Extreme Benchrest 2021 – Roger Lait reports back on this year’s event

Roger Lait gets invited to Extreme Benchrest 2021 in Arizona, and with multiple disciplines to shoot, multiple decisions need to be made. It’s not very often you get asked to go to the United States to shoot in a competition

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Warm weather airgun shooting w/ Mat Manning

Hot, muggy days may not be the best for shooting, but Mat Manning reckons there’s always something to be gained from spending time on your ground. The summer months can be very challenging as far as pest control is concerned,

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Rabbit shooting – the Countryman w/ Mat Manning

Summer evenings are the prime time for targeting troublesome rabbits – Mat Manning details the tactics he uses when setting his sights on this infamous agricultural pest. This article originally appeared in the July issue of Airgun Shooter Magazine This

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Airgun shot release w/ Andy McLachlan

The best rifle, scope and pellet combo won’t shoot where you want without correct shot release, so Andy McLachlan explains how. It’s a lot easier to take an accurate shot from the bench compared with outdoors thanks to the enhanced

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