Lee Enfield (Guns) M1911 A1 handgun review w/ Mike Morton

The Brothers in Arms series of replica combat weapons from Lee Enfield (Guns) gets its first handgun in the shape of the blowback M1911 A1 The water-cooled M1917 machine gun in .30 calibre. The air-cooled M1919. The Browning M2 .50

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Airgun Shooter 160 is out NOW

The latest issue of Airgun Shooter is now available! Controlling grey squirrels is a job that needs to be done right through the year if you are going to make a dent in their numbers. The methods we use can

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Benefits of simulation training to airgun hunters

Philip Siddell explains how to use simulation training to improve the chances of the airgun hunter’s success in the field. The improvised shooting positions you practise during training are sure to come in useful in the field The last time

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Shooting the ISP Spartan Classic air rifle with Andy McLachlan

While Andy McLachlan usually loves throwing plenty of lead downrange, he slows down the pace so he can savour a rather special rifle Fellow Bolton Gun Club member Dave enjoys a taste of airgun history at the Leigh indoor range

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Wasp .22 pellet test with Mike Morton

Wasp pellets are back, so Mike Morton cracks open a tin of the No.3 variety in .22 calibre to find out how well they can swat a target While a few airgun ammo stalwarts have been in constant production, others

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Midwinter squirrel control with Mat Manning

Freezing winter weather doesn’t have to bring pest control to a halt – Mat Manning reckons cold conditions can actually be an advantage as long as you take the right approach Too many shooters head out with their airguns when

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How to control blinking when shooting airgun springers

Chris Bentley makes a return to shooting springers, but forgets one of the fundamentals, and that’s a problem that needs to be fixed. I’m doing it again. Despite all my promises and my best intentions I’ve started shooting springers. Now

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Long-range unsupported benchrest shooting with Andy McLachlan

Andy McLachlan reveals a few secrets when it comes to shooting the fledgling discipline of long-range unsupported benchrest. Lee Meadows takes an unsupported benchrest shot at a 50-metre target at Rochdale’s indoor range Having spent the past few years concentrating

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Buying second-hand target airguns with Andy McLachlan

Andy McLachlan on the lookout for yet another target rifle, but this time he goes down the path of buying second-hand. Steyrs are nothing new to Andy as he’s been shooting them for more than a decade – this is

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Guide to night hunting with air rifles

With after-dark ratting season in full swing, Mat Manning shares some top tips for gear and tactics to tackle these resilient rodents at night Rat shooting under the cover of darkness is a form of airgun shooting that I have

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