Discover 2017’s best buys with the latest issue of Airgun Shooter!

All airgun shooters need good quality gear. We need gear that works, gear that’s utterly reliable, gear that offers great value for money and gear that’s a pleasure to use. So in this issue, we’ve put together our top picks, explaining exactly why they’re among the best of the best.

In our Target Shooter section, Andy McLachlan talks about something many of us would rather forget – missing the target – and offers some advice about how to overcome the disappointment of a fluffed shot.  He also scopes out a potential HFT optic and gives us some help when preparing to take an elevated shot.

Our Countryman Mat Manning is cracking down on crows. Like all corvids, crows are extremely wary birds, but Mat explains some tips and techniques to help swing the odds of bagging one of these crafty birds firmly in your favour.

The Weihrauch HW 100 has been with us since 2003. Mike Morton reacquaints himself with this iconic gun, this time in carbine format with a synthetic stock, to see whether the 100 has stood the test of time. Mat, meanwhile, looks at a head-turning PCP package that won’t break the bank – the Cometa Goldeneye Kit.

All this is capped off with our Airgun Answers section, where we tackle your shooting-related problems including questions about shooting in cold weather and how to tell a Weaver rail from a Picatinny.

Take a sneak peek inside…



The Airgun Hunting Quarry Guide
A look at all the UK species combined with some tips and techniques to hunt them with a legal-limit air rifle
Group size checker
A handy device to let you know how well your airgun and pellet combo is performing
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