Discover the best new guns with Airgun Shooter magazine issue 105!

The new Airgun Magazine issue is out now, and it’s packed full of tips and reviews for every airgun enthusiast, whether you are new to the game or an old-timer, there’s something for everyone in issue 105!

Issue 105 is on sale now!

We’ve been having some extremely cold weather lately, but there are still plenty of hunting opportunities to be had, and Mat Manning explains why you should get outdoors and make the most of your session when the mercury starts to plummet, while staying nice and warm into the bargain.

Simon Everett continues the cold weather theme by going after some usually wily woodies that let their guard down when they take a fancy to the holly and the ivy at this time of year.

Don’t let those cold winter blues put you off getting outdoors

With four main calibres to choose from – not to mention a host of different pellet types, weights and shapes – it can be confusing knowing exactly where to start when it comes time to pick your perfect pellet. Mike Morton runs through the options – and offers some advice to help keep you focused on finding the right ammo for your style of shooting.

In our Target Shooter section, Andy McLachlan embarks on a journey into the world of HFT with a new springer instead of his usual PCP. He also takes a look at one of the few airgun manufacturers that’s still making handcrafted rifles.

Pellets galore!

Mike looks at the Diana Model 56 TH – a super-heavy, but super-accurate springer that uses a clever internal mechanism to dampen recoil, while Mat gets to grips with the Hatsan Nova – a PCP with a telescopic stock that lets you adjust it to your build so you get the perfect length of pull.

All this is capped off with our Airgun Answers section, where we tackle your shooting-related problems by offering some pointers on hunting with a bipod, picking an ambush site and explaining why we measure group size from centre-to-centre instead of the outside edges of the pellet holes.

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