First Look: KonusPro T30 scope

Good things often come in small packages, as Mike Morton finds out when shooting with the tiny but tactical KonusPro T30

Key Specs
Manufacturer: Konus
Scope supplied by: Range Right
Model: KonusPro T30 3-12×44
Price: £179
Tube diameter: 30mm
Magnification range: 3-12
Objective lens: 44mm
Reticle: Engraved 550 Ballistic
Illumination: Red and blue – five levels of intensity each
Turret adjustments: Quarter-minute of angle
Weight: 598g (21.1oz)
Length: 264mm (10.4-inch)
Eye relief: 90mm (3.54-inch)
Features: Flip-up lens covers

Konus’s 550 Ballistic reticle looks similar to a regular mildot at first glance, but can be used out to 550 yards with a centrefire rifle

Airguns and telescopic sights have mutually evolved to offer the perfect solution to any given shooting scenario. A long rifle that’s always going to be shot off a bipod can afford to have a big, heavy scope on board, while carbines and bullpups benefit from something lighter and shorter – just like the KonusPro T30 3-12×44.

This scope from Italian optics company Konus offers a generous range of magnification while ensuring both its weight, at 598g (21.1oz) and length, at 264mm (10.4-inch), have been kept to a minimum. That means this scope is well worth considering for mounting on shorter air rifles, for hunting, or for fast-fire target disciplines where a small, light scope helps you get on aim more quickly.

The fast-focus ring is smooth to operate and offers plenty of adjustment to ensure the reticle snaps sharply into view

While this scope may be small, it’s big on build quality, with a flawless black finish, slick turrets and ocular focus ring. The range of controls on this chunky little scope are easy to grab hold of and operate. The windage and elevation turrets have removable caps featuring the Konus logo, under which the turret adjustments are positive and precise, offering quarter-minute of angle increments per click.

The magnification ring is similarly smooth across its entire 3-12 range, and is easy to grip hold of whether or not you’re wearing gloves

This scope features Konus’s engraved 550 Ballistic reticle which is designed to compensate for ballistic drop at distance – the spacing of the elevation markers gets further apart the more holdover is required. It’s illuminated too, with the control on the left-hand side of the saddle offering five levels of illumination in both red and blue.

The saddle is shared between the windage and elevation turrets and the IR control, which offers five levels of intensity of red and blue illumination

The package includes flip-up lens covers. I know function is always meant to come first over form, but it’s up to you whether or not you use them. While the covers undoubtedly do offer the lenses better protection from the elements, taking them off reveals the pugnacious shape of this optic in all its glory. If you put this little bulldog of a scope on a bullpup rifle for example, you’ll appreciate how great it is to have that choice.

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