A guide to airgun servicing

Andy McLachlan explains what’s required to get your target rifle in tip tip shooting condition – and to make sure it stays that way Andy’s removed the hammer assembly from the action block of his Walther so it can be

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Lee Enfield (Guns) M1911 A1 handgun review w/ Mike Morton

The Brothers in Arms series of replica combat weapons from Lee Enfield (Guns) gets its first handgun in the shape of the blowback M1911 A1 The water-cooled M1917 machine gun in .30 calibre. The air-cooled M1919. The Browning M2 .50

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Airgun Shooter 160 is out NOW

The latest issue of Airgun Shooter is now available! Controlling grey squirrels is a job that needs to be done right through the year if you are going to make a dent in their numbers. The methods we use can

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Benefits of simulation training to airgun hunters

Philip Siddell explains how to use simulation training to improve the chances of the airgun hunter’s success in the field. The improvised shooting positions you practise during training are sure to come in useful in the field The last time

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Best airgun accessories – high-end options

Andy McLachlan’s spent a small fortune on new guns, but he goes for even more retail therapy when he sees some tasty high-end accessories. Like most of us, I enjoy the occasion of buying a new gun. Following a lot

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Crow decoying – The Countryman

With flocks of corvids threatening to decimate the spring drillings, Mat Manning sets up a hide and decoy ambush to deal with the unwelcome pests. On the farms in my locality, fields of maize grown for cattle feed are usually

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Airgun Shooter 159 is out NOW

The latest issue of Airgun Shooter Magazine is on sale now To get your copy or subscribe, just follow this link: Feral pigeons are a constant problem for many farmers. These birds love to nest up in the rafters

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Win a pair of tickets to the Northern Shooting Show

Don’t miss this opportunity to win a pair of tickets to the Northern Shooting Show! The team at the Northern Shooting Show are busy getting ready for this year’s event, with airguns firmly on the agenda, and you can enter

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Airgun hunting in America

Although Americans have greater access to firearms, Tom Claycomb III explains why plenty of shooters prefer to hunt with an air rifle I think anyone that was raised around guns here in the States started out hunting with an airgun.

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MTC 3-12×44 Copperhead telescopic sight review with Mike Morton

MTC has gone small with its new Copperhead 3-12×44 telescopic sight, but Mike Morton wants to know if it’s gone large on performance MTC Optics names its telescopic sights after various snakes, and after bringing out some larger models last

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