Pro Hunter Premium High Impact .22 review

Hunters with sub-12 foot pound rifles no longer need to feel left out when it comes to slugs thanks to Pro Hunter’s new .22, as Mike Morton finds out. The last 18 months or so have seen an upsurge in

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Getting a permission for airgun shooting

Jim Old wants to go after some quarry with his air rifle, but first he has to do a different type of hunting – hunting down a permission. When my kids were at primary school they were taught how to

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Umarex Legends M1A1 Legendary review w/ Mike Morton

Mike Morton hits the garden range with the Legends M1A1 Legendary from Umarex – a BB blowback variant of the Thompson submachine gun. While it’s great to see CO2 guns that are created from the ground up, plenty of shooters

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Umarex Legends Cowboy rifle – The Cowboy Goes Tactical!

Launched in 2019, the Umarex Legends Cowboy rifle took the airgun world by storm! This post is sponsored by John Rothery Wholesale With its realistic shell ejecting action, not only did it appeal to the western-enthusiast, but to anyone who

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Zeiss Conquest 4 review w/ Mat Manning

Zeiss have tweaked their Conquest V4 scopes to make them airgun-friendly, and Mat Manning reckons that’s great news for anyone seeking out a high-performance scope. Shooters with serious money to spend aren’t afraid to go the extra mile when it

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Rat control w/ Mat Manning

With this year’s influx of rats refusing to let up, Mat Manning gears up for a long night on the farm. Last winter’s ratting season was absolutely crazy, and it is now extending well into the spring. A combination of

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The Airgun Show – squirrel, rabbit and corvid mixed bag hunting, PLUS the Brocock Ranger XR…

We join Andy Watkins and his mate Tom on their pest control rounds on a local animal park, where grey squirrels are damaging trees and jackdaws and magpies are causing problems around the resident wildlife and their feed. It turns

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How to use a tuning kit for an airgun

Stuart Bannon’s beloved rifle was failing to shoot as well as it used to, so he took matters into his own hands and grabbed a tuning kit. Anyone who knows the pain of shooting a rifle that just won’t perform

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Grey squirrel shooting – setting up a feeding station w/ Mat Manning

Setting up a feeding station is by far the most effective way to make a serious dent in numbers of destructive grey squirrels – Mat Manning explains how he does it. The woods where I am shooting today are managed

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Best airgun sights under £200 – Rich Saunders’ top picks

Rich Saunders takes a close look at some of the very best airgun sights under £200. “Budget” is often a byword for “not very good”, but if you do a little research you’ll find some great gear can be picked

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