Buying second-hand target airguns with Andy McLachlan

Andy McLachlan on the lookout for yet another target rifle, but this time he goes down the path of buying second-hand. Steyrs are nothing new to Andy as he’s been shooting them for more than a decade – this is

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Fair Chase – ethical and sporting principles for airgun hunters

Philip Siddell explores the origins of the concept of Fair Chase and what it means for the modern airgun hunter Picture the scene: the 19th century is waning, there is little of the Frontier left to discover and settle for

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A guide to air rifle bipods

When buying a bipod it’s important to get one with all the features you need, so Mike Morton explains how to choose one that’ll be perfect for you A bipod is a fantastic piece of equipment. Early examples of two-legged

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Guide to night hunting with air rifles

With after-dark ratting season in full swing, Mat Manning shares some top tips for gear and tactics to tackle these resilient rodents at night Rat shooting under the cover of darkness is a form of airgun shooting that I have

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Night vision scopes reviewed by Rich Saunders

In the first of a series of night vision reviews, Rich Saunders takes a look at five of the best infrared scopes for air rifle use When the weather cooperates, shooting at night in the winter can be very productive.

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Gamo Whisper X Swarm review with Mike Morton

If you’re looking for some fast-fire action but need to be careful with your cash, Mike Morton reckons the Gamo Whisper X Swarm is well worth a look While it’s possible to spend a small fortune on airgun shooting, our

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InfiRay Rico RL42 review w/ Mat Manning

Mat Manning gives his verdict on the InfiRay Rico RL42 – a high-end thermal riflescope that promises seriously hot round-the-clock viewing Technological advancements in night vision optics have far exceeded anything that most shooters could have imagined just a few

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First-time HFT competition at World Farm

Pete Harrison and his son Jack attend their first HFT competition at Wold Farm, finding a great new spin on an already fun hobby It’s 5.15am. Not only that, but it’s a Sunday morning, my alarm is ringing in my

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Reporting on WHFTA British Open with Thomas Bristow

Thomas Bristow reports on the WHFTA British Open, focusing on three competitors of varying abilities in a sport that’s accessible to everyone Relative newcomer David Owen quickly established himself within the HFT community, and now competes with an Air Arms

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How important is weight in airgun accuracy?

Andy McLachlan believes gaining weight can be good for you – at least when it comes to creating a super-accurate target rifle Dave Taylor has added puck-type gun weights at the front of his target rail to make the gun

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