Nikon 3-9×40 Prostaff Target EFR

The advantage of night-time ratting is that you don’t need a huge front objective lens on your scope as there’s always enough light from either your onboard lamp or the farmyard itself. What you do need, however, is a wide field-of-view and, in many cases, close-focusing – making this latest 3-9×40 Prostaff model from Nikon an ideal choice.

200_Nikon 3-9x40 ProStaff Target EFR

‘EFR’ stands for Extended Focus Range, for this scope’s P/A collar winds right down to 10m. Given that parallax error is most noticeable at close ranges – the domain of rat shooting – that’s a great feature to have. And while there’s probably not much need of the BDC turrets or fast-focus eyepiece by the rat hunter, the Nikon’s superior lens quality is perfect for the dingy target area he’ll be a presented with when holed-up in the farmyard outbuildings.

In fact, the Nikon’s sight picture is so bright – especially in the 3x to 6x range – that there’s simply no need for an illuminated reticle. However, just to help matters, the EFR’s crosshair also sports a central ‘dot’ for fast target acquisition – something you’ll be most appreciative of when it comes to forays of the ratty kind.

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