Q&A: Finding a comfortable shooting stance

Mike Morton discusses the importance of finding a comfortable position to take your shot from…

Being comfortable is integral for a good shot

Q. I like shooting prone when I’m in the field, but can only lay down for short periods because I find it very uncomfortable. Do you have any advice?

A. Being physically uncomfortable in any shooting position is a warning sign that we won’t be shooting our best if and when we do decide to take a shot. If you expect to be lying up for some time, it may be worth taking along a portable shooting mat. Lightweight mats won’t offer as much protection as a full-on heavyweight range mat, but at least you’ll be able to get into position with one.

Look for any rocks, stones, twigs or roots before you lie down. Anything digging into you is going to cause problems. What starts off as a minor niggle will become a major annoyance half an hour or so later – and an irritable, fidgety shooter is one who’s unlikely to make a successful shot.

Something else that can upset the prone shooter, surprisingly, is the humble belt buckle. Large buckles may be great when they’re worn with jeans down the pub, but in the field a small, flat buckle is better because it won’t dig into you as much. If you find your buckle is still causing you some discomfort, try sliding it round to one side so it’s out of the way. You really need to concentrate when you take a shot, so remove or minimise any potential distractions.

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