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Pigeon control in this month’s Countryman

In an effort to stop pigeons from decimating corn crops, Mat Manning sets up with hide and decoy tactics to pull in the birds Arable farming is a big industry in my locality, and farmers’ profits can take a serious

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FAC-rated rifles tested!

Richard Saunders tests five top FAC-rated rifles I’m willing to bet that just about every airgun shooter, certainly among those of us who hunt, has wondered what their legal-limit rifle would be like in FAC format. It’s only natural isn’t

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Passing the baton

John Hooper recounts how shooting has helped form a solid bond spanning four generations of his family A few years ago, I lost my father to cancer. He had spent his life serving others, first as a police officer and

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Looking after the garden

Richard Saunders heads outdoors to put four lower-powered rifles under the spotlight that he thinks are perfect for the garden range I’m willing to bet that for most of us our passion for airguns began in the garden, sending tin

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The barn door!

Lapsed shooter Jim Old gets back into airgun shooting and wonders whether he can even hit a barn door after years away from the sport “How long have you been shooting?” It was a straightforward question and should have been

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Airgun answers

Our experts have your questions in their sights! Struggling with a scope? Having hassles with your hunting? Well, don’t despair because you’ve arrived at the right place to discover remedies for your airgun anxieties! Whether you’re looking for a quick fix

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Club of the month: Reigate Miniature Rifle and Pistol Club

The club started in 1895, so will be celebrating its 125th anniversary next year.  The range uses tunnels that have been cut out of the stone in Reigate, Surrey, and the sand mined was used to make high-quality glass. The

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In the crosshairs: Northern Shooting Show’s Paul Whitelam

Paul spotted the need for a show to cater for shooters in the north of the country – so went ahead and organised The Northern Shooting Show. Did you shoot before getting into the industry, and do you shoot today?

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The Airgun Show – decoying pigeons with an air rifle, PLUS the Walther Rotex RM8 Varmint Deluxe Kit

We’re hunting with Andy Watkins this week, and he’s setting his sights high. Decoying wary woodpigeons within range of an air rifle is never easy, but Andy combines fieldcraft and precise shooting to make an impressive tally in front of

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Richard Saunders on bipods

Lie down and relax as Richard Saunders takes advantage of the warmer weather to get down and super-stable with the help of a few bipods It’s that time of year again. No more shivering away in the corner of a

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