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Anschutz 9015 review – Thomas Bristow tests two new rifles

Thomas Bristow gets to test two rather special rifles – both Anschutz 9015s fettled by master regulating and tuning firm The RAT Works. This 9015 HP has had a lot of time and effort invested in it, such as tuning

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Umarex Legends M1A1 Legendary review w/ Mike Morton

Mike Morton hits the garden range with the Legends M1A1 Legendary from Umarex – a BB blowback variant of the Thompson submachine gun. While it’s great to see CO2 guns that are created from the ground up, plenty of shooters

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Rat control w/ Mat Manning

With this year’s influx of rats refusing to let up, Mat Manning gears up for a long night on the farm. Last winter’s ratting season was absolutely crazy, and it is now extending well into the spring. A combination of

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The Game Fair 2021 – things to do for airgun shooters

The Game Fair 2021 is almost upon us, and there will be plenty of exciting things to see and do for airgun shooters of all disciplines. Airgun shooters are in for a treat as The Game Fair 2021, Europe’s largest

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Buying your first airgun – Mike Morton advises on getting value for money

If you’re thinking of buying your first airgun, Mike Morton offers some tips so you can be sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck. Over the last few months we’ve witnessed a massive surge in the number of

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Best airgun sights under £200 – Rich Saunders’ top picks

Rich Saunders takes a close look at some of the very best airgun sights under £200. “Budget” is often a byword for “not very good”, but if you do a little research you’ll find some great gear can be picked

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Hatsan SpeedFire review – Mike Morton puts latest break-barrel to the test

If you want a break-barrel but think the firing cycle isn’t speedy enough, then Mike Morton reckons the Hatsan SpeedFire might be the answer. Despite the obvious advantages of a magazine, multi-shot, piston-powered air rifles have not been particularly forthcoming.

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Outdoor airgun shooting w/ Andy McLachlan

Andy McLachlan recalls a time when the world was a little closer to normal and he paid a visit to a shooting ground for a spot of HFT. Andy takes on a long-range target on one of the HFT courses

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Benefits of simulation training to airgun hunters

Philip Siddell explains how to use simulation training to improve the chances of the airgun hunter’s success in the field. The improvised shooting positions you practise during training are sure to come in useful in the field The last time

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First impressions: Red Wolf Heritage

There’s a new version of the Red Wolf coming out, but if you want one you’ll have to act fast as this is a collectable limited edition. Key features: Red Wolf Heritage Limited to 250 rifles, individually serial numbered with

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