Top Tips: How to stand like an Olympian

Stand and deliver – it’s your money or your life!

It’s the hardest position of all to adopt and the bane of numerous FT and HFT shooters. Mark Camoccio sheds some illuminating light on the best way to stand and deliver…

1. Get locked in
Lock the front elbow into the hip so it sits just on top of the bone. It may feel alien at first, but in time, and with regular practice, this position will prove highly effective.

2. Repetition is good
Mount the rifle’s butt pad into your shoulder in exactly the same way, and at exactly the same point, every time. And grip the gun in the same way each time to help achieve consistent performance.

3. Support leading arm
Push forward the front hip in an exaggerated arc to support the leading arm which will lock everything in place. This will create a stable platform.

4. Strike a pose
Stand completely side on to the target and temporarily look ahead to check your position. Swivel your head to the left (if you are right-handed) and face the target, ready to adopt the position.

5. Spread those legs
Space apart the legs to roughly the width of your shoulders to maintain a stable and controlled position. If you still feel unstable shuffle apart your legs a little more while taking care not to spread them too much.

Expert Tip: Create a firm rifle support

Having a solid leading hand creates a support between you and your rifle.

The front, leading hand will create a vital support between you and your rifle. The leading hand can provide various types of support, such as a fist, upturned fingers or even a reverse hand grip (where you twist the lead hand and cup it around the stock). The final choice is yours.

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