Getting a permission for airgun shooting

Jim Old wants to go after some quarry with his air rifle, but first he has to do a different type of hunting – hunting down a permission. When my kids were at primary school they were taught how to

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Zeiss Conquest 4 review w/ Mat Manning

Zeiss have tweaked their Conquest V4 scopes to make them airgun-friendly, and Mat Manning reckons that’s great news for anyone seeking out a high-performance scope. Shooters with serious money to spend aren’t afraid to go the extra mile when it

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The Airgun Show – squirrel, rabbit and corvid mixed bag hunting, PLUS the Brocock Ranger XR…

We join Andy Watkins and his mate Tom on their pest control rounds on a local animal park, where grey squirrels are damaging trees and jackdaws and magpies are causing problems around the resident wildlife and their feed. It turns

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Benefits of simulation training to airgun hunters

Philip Siddell explains how to use simulation training to improve the chances of the airgun hunter’s success in the field. The improvised shooting positions you practise during training are sure to come in useful in the field The last time

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Airgun Shooter 149 is out NOW

In the latest issue of Airgun Shooter Magazine, Mike and Mat test out two PCPs from different ends of the budget scale, Rich Saunders goes out hunting and also tests out some springer airguns, and John Hooper explains why new

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Thermal riflescope – Mat Manning heads out for some pest controlling with new kit

Mat Manning swaps his usual infrared night vision for a thermal setup and has a busy night on the scaly-tails. Although I am willing to embrace new technology if I think it is justified by the improvement it brings to

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HFT pest control with Pete Muir

Reigning .22 class world HFT champion Pete Muir takes on a different course of fire after being asked to help out with a local vermin problem. The airgunning community as a whole has many different facets to it, be it

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SPONSORED: Brinyte’s new range, distributed by iHunter

The professional choice of hunting and tactical torches officially distributed by iHunter UK. Fast delivery from UK stock with full Warranty and no quibble returns. Brinyte T28-IR Artemis BRINYTE T28-IR Artemis is a zoomable flashlight with its own patented tri-color

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ZEISS Conquest V4 – first impressions with Mike Morton

Mike Morton examines the ZEISS Conquest V4 – a range of hunting scopes that will prove useful not just to centrefire shooters, but airgun shooters too. We’re here to talk about a new range of airgun-friendly telescopic sights from ZEISS,

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Webley Mosquito Express .22 review with Mike Morton

Mike Morton test the Webley Mosquito Express in .22 calibre, finding a pellet that’s a little lighter and a little faster than the norm. Webley Mosquito Express pellets were a big hit when they first came out, but then to

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