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Airgun Shooter Magazine issue 117

Farmyards offer welcome shelter from the cold and wet when harsh winter weather sets in – not just for shooters but for their quarry too, as Mat Manning demonstrates on his latest farmyard foray. Mat’s got some top tips for targeting collared doves and jackdaws, finding the best shooting spots around the farm and how to use the cold weather to your advantage.

Kev Hawker’s also been making the most of the seasonal weather. You need to act quickly if you want to bag a few birds when flying pests descend on feeding grounds at this time of year, and Kev’s been reflecting on an enjoyable afternoon’s decoying over a sprouting cereal crop.

Wooden stocks need protecting if they’re to carry on serving, so Mike Morton’s been explaining how you can look after yours – the easy way. Mike’s also managed to get his hands on the FX Crown – a multi-adjustable multi-shot that offers a smörgåsbord of features including the option to change calibres and twist rates.

Mike’s been seeing some active service with the SIG Sauer M17 as the US military’s new sidearm swaps 9mm Parabellum for .177 pellets with this belt-fed blowback.

Mat, meanwhile, has been shooting the Airgun Technology Vulcan 2 Tactic. This Czech-made semi-bullpup boasts solid performance and consistent precision in a compact package, and Mat’s been putting it to the test to see if it really is the perfect partner in the field.

We’ve been blessed with one of the hottest and driest summers on record, not to mention an Indian summer, but at the moment the weather’s just as likely to be wet, freezing or both. Don’t fret, though, as Richard Saunders has been looking at five coats that will help you stay warm – and stay on target this winter.

All this is capped off with our Airgun Answers section, where we tackle your gun-related queries about the difference between single- and double-action, where the term ‘lock time’ came from and whether you should carry your rifle muzzle-up or muzzle-down.

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