New Remington Express conversion

ARC Tuning’s new AR1 conversion of the Remington Express

Remington’s new Express break-barrel (review here) that comes into the UK via Sportsmarketing is the springer everyone’s talking about – not least because its £150 asking price includes a 4×32 scope! Now ARC Tuning has chosen the Remy as a chassis for their very special AR1 conversion – a tune-up that builds on the Express’ already impressive performance, returning a faster lock time and an easier-still cocking effort.

ARC fits a new, high-quality Endurance mainspring and a RAM-air piston seal – components engineered in the UK – and you can either have your existing Express converted to AR1 status for £95, or buy a ready-tuned AR1 model (complete with a Remington 4×32 scope) for £215.

Other options are also available – notably a brass set-back trigger, a carbined barrel (305mm) and the impressive AR1 silencer. More info from ARC on 07974 230 549.

The new XP1 from ARC Tuning

ARC Tuning’s optional brass set-back trigger for the new AR1 rifle


As well as cutting down the Remington's barrel, ARC Tuning can also crown things with an XP1 Silencer

As well as cutting down the Remington’s barrel, ARC Tuning can also crown things with an AR1 Silencer

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4 comments on “New Remington Express conversion
  1. James Cooke says:

    Would love to see some video footage of the ar1 please☺

  2. Adam says:

    Can this be done with the synthetic stock?

  3. aaron luke says:

    I am wondering if it would be worth putting a silencer on my remmington express as the local gun shop owner says not. I would like another opinion as if it would make a usefull difference then I would like to add 1 to my gun

  4. Neil Edwards says:

    in reply to Aaron , question silencer or not .
    in the hunting field fitting a silencer does in-fact cut down rifle
    crack some what , mind you , you may find once the pellet has made contact with the rabbits skull/bone that noise may cause the other rabbits neat by to bolt for cover , on the other hand if you are shooting very close to a wood the silencer will play a big part in cutting out barrel crack / noise , remember a wooded area will magnify
    the taken shot , so a silencer is needed , also adding a bit of weight to a rifles barrel will help in holding the barrel on target and adding to produce better accuracy, hope this info helps .

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