New year, new Airgun Shooter on sale now!

2017 is rapidly coming to a close, so see in the New Year with a brand spanking new issue of Airgun Shooter, packed full of the usual shooting tips, tricks and reviews. Plus, a free wall chart with every issue!

Mat Manning, our resident Countryman, stays up after dark for a night-time session going after rats on a farm. The rodents have been attracted by grain stores and animal feed, which provide a rich food source at this lean time of year, but Mat uses this to his advantage as he targets some likely hotspots to turn the tide in his favour.

If you’ve just got yourself a new rifle, Mike Morton offers a few pointers to help set up your perfect gun, scope and pellet combo, and offers a novel way of finding out the optimum scope height for your particular gun.

In our Target Shooter section, Andy McLachlan discusses the merits of shooting up the peg in an HFT competition. He also offers some crucial pointers for dealing with the number one enemy of most airgun shooters – the wind – and how to read it.

Mike turns into a rebel and gets hold of the Daystate Renegade, a part-electronic, part-mechanical hybrid bullpup, and puts it through its paces in the main gun review, while Mat looks at the BSA Supersport SE, an affordable break-barrel springer that unquestionably puts performance at the top of the list of its attributes.

All this is capped off with our Airgun Answers section, where we tackle your shooting-related problems by offering some pointers on shooting around farm buildings, estimating range, shooting crows at the roost and fitting and using sling swivels and swivel studs.

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