The Lee-Enfield SMLE: the wait is nearly over

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Lee-Enfield fans have been waiting patiently for the arrival of the CO2-powered BB-firing SMLE, and we’ve been assured that the rifle is very nearly ready to go.

UK distributor The Shooting Party has been working with the factory over the past 12 months to make sure the key features of this iconic rifle are just right. The SMLE is of all wood and metal construction, and has the same weight and dimensions as the original.

It promises a velocity of around 500-550 feet per second, depending on both temperature and the weight of the ammo, and shooters should get at least 30 solid shots from a single CO2 capsule.

The magazine holds 15 BBs and the rifle can take original accessories such as slings and bayonets. The Shooting Party has leak- and jam-tested the rifle, and chairman Mike Hurney said he was delighted with the gun’s reliability.

The Lee Enfield (Guns) SMLE has an RRP of £429. Additional combined magazine/valve units are available for £59.99, while replica webbing rifle slings cost £19.99.

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