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Laser rangefinder for shooting – why it can be valuable for airgunners

Lasers are very much a part of our present, not just our future, and a laser rangefinder for shooting can be a valuable tool for airgunners. Lasers can be a handy tool for airgun shooters A laser rangefinder for shooting

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Lamping for rats with Mat Manning

Mat Manning spends an unexpected night lamping scaly-tails after clocking grain-raiding rodents in a friend’s chicken run. One of the most fascinating things about airgun hunting is the surprises it frequently throws up, and part of that is down to

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PREVIEW: Lee Enfield Sentry review

Mat Manning gives his verdict on the Lee Enfield Sentry, an affordable PCP that bridges the gap between sporter and tactical styling. The Shooting Party is well known for selling some great affordable kit, and their latest PCP offering certainly

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QYS Pointed pellet review with Mike Morton

Mike Morton loads up with QYS Pointed, and has to eat humble pie after finding a pellet that manages to dispel a life-long belief about their accuracy. I admit it. I’ve never been a fan of pointed pellets. This type

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Time is running out to enter this competition!

You still have time to enter this competition, for free, to win an Air Force One Sirocco Break-Barrel Kit, worth £179.99! All you need to do to win this break-barrel combo is answer the following question correctly: What’s included in

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Going for gold!

A new type of ammo that’s been specially designed to complement the steel BB-firing version of the Lee-Enfield SMLE has been unveiled by The Shooting Party. Lee Enfield BBGold precision-ground 4.5mm BBs weigh 4.7 grains, and are copper-plated during production

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PAO offers biggest MAG yet

A new scope with a large 6-24 magnification range has been added to The Shooting Party’s Professional Airgun Optics line, with the scope focusing down to 10 yards at maximum magnification.  The PAO 6-24 x 50 IR PA Rifle Scope

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Mike Morton on the Lee-Enfield SMLE

Mike Morton goes over the top with the Lee-Enfield SMLE to see if this particular ‘Smelly’ has a whiff of the trenches, or the roses of Picardy. British and Commonwealth forces were armed with one of the best bolt-action battle

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On target with the F1

Mat Manning takes a look at the PAO F1 First Focal Plane Rifle Scope – a telescopic sight package that promises a lot of bang for your buck. First focal plane scopes are very much in fashion at present, and

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The Lee-Enfield SMLE: the wait is nearly over

Lee-Enfield fans have been waiting patiently for the arrival of the CO2-powered BB-firing SMLE, and we’ve been assured that the rifle is very nearly ready to go. UK distributor The Shooting Party has been working with the factory over the

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